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Saturday, 16 August 2008

Saturday morning 16th Aug 08
So the tingle of excitement that the morning of match day at ER brings is here. According to the papers this weekend is a momentous one in the sporting nothing to do with Michael Phelps winning his 98th gold medal or the fact that GB are going to win 11 golds today nope the eyes of the sporting world will be on Elland Road to see if Leeds can continue their magnificent start to the season against Oldham Athletic! All we need today is to play for the whole 90 minutes and we should retain our 100% record, ie put the 2nd half Scunny performance with the 1st half at Chester and hey presto........perfection.
The morning paper has some interesting content........A referee has been jailed for benefit fraud. He had falsely claimed to be unable to work while still operatng as a referee or linesman every Saturday. In his application for benefit he had claimed "If I become Ill while I am out I need someone to support and guide me as the pain gets so bad it affects my eyesight" I am sure that's true because I've seen him operating at Elland Road on more than one occassion last season!
Captain Birdseye is also offering his opinions on the state of the Premier league and how the game plan for our return is based on the strength of the academy providing quality players (Lennon, Milner, Delph etc) and not a bottomless pit of a millionaire benefactor. So we're in for a long haul before we get back to the Premier Financial League although I believe this season will see one of the mega spending clubs implode in a blaze of glory (where have we seen that before?)......step forward Chelski, Man City, Liverpool even Manure?
Anyhow enough pre match waffling I need to get psyched up for the match so see you all later.

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