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Friday, 19 December 2008

Milton Keynes Dons v Leeds United preview

This week our favourite Chairman of the Football League, Lord, 15 points ,Haw Haw announced a "historic day" as he outlined new plans for a "home grown players rule"  At first I couldn't believe what I was last plans to restrict the proliferation of overseas players flooding our game and reducing the chances for younger players to develop.  My initial optimism was soon tempered as I read the details which dictate that each FL club must have a minimum of 4 players in a squad of 16 that have come through their development system?  So how many of the 72 teams from last weekend would have fallen foul of the new directive?  Answer 1.  Brilliant........that'll make a hell of a difference.
It's ironic that in a week when these rules come in Leeds, who have an enviable reputation and record for developing their own players,  sign an unknown French centre half who appears to have plied his trade around the lower reaches of the European leagues.  Now Gary Mac may have just made the best signing of his career, let's hope so, but for me it smacks too much of desperation to be of comfort.  I am sure we will see tomorrow if he's thrown straight into the fray against MK Dons.
On the home front the decorating project to get the lounge, dining room and spare rooms done before Xmas came to a successful climax.............much to the pleasure of the present Mrs Marching on Together.  Speaking of which it's our 24th wedding anniversary today so we will be dining out at Selby's finest restaurant tonight.  Being married is a bit like watching know it's the right thing to do, you have lots of ups and downs, you might look at the team that's currently top of the league with envy/lust but you know it's wrong and when things go well all the disappointments pale into insignificance!
Tomorrow we have an epic pre Xmas trip to another erstwhile hotbed of football franchise, Milton Keynes.  unbelievably we go there as underdogs on the back of a run of 4 straight defeats.  Capt Birdseye is attending this one which will add more pressure on Gary Mac knowing that defeat could well invite the dreaded call from his boss giving him some unexpected free time over Xmas.
So roll on tomorrow and another train adventure with other die hard Leeds fanatics.  It will be a colourful and noisy day as the tradition of fancy dress for matches around Xmas will be observed by a good number of whites fans, not the Happy Chocker though who assures me he won't be turning up as an Elf!...................the first 50 years are the worst......can't wait!

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