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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Shelbourne v Leeds Utd 14th July 2009

Fraid I could neither afford the cost or the time to follow our heroes to Ireland this week. We managed another draw, 2:2, against Shelbourne but let's not forget the purpose of the games is to get the players up to match speed ready for the start of the season. Come next May nobody will remember or care how we did in pre season so theres no point in trying to read too much into the actual results . After saying that it would be nice to get that winning feeling early. Mr Beckford opened his account with a brace in the first half last night and Fab played there were some positives. Don't suppose Casper is in such a good mood this morning though! There is a match report at the following:

I will try and dig up some highlights and add them later today.

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