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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Leeds v Watford: reflections

Reflections from the Watford game.
As I've been away from my PC since the Watford game I thought the best thing is to reflect on the good, bad and ugly from the game?

The Good
  • Undoubtedly top of the list was Snoddy's 2 goals, expertly taken and signalled his return to form with a bang. Well done Snoddy let's have more on Saturday.
  • Karl joined our merry gang on Tuesday and seeing as he's never seen Leeds win with us the Jonah tag was well and truely buried................I did see the Happy Chocker giving him a black look when Watford equalised though!
  • Lucas Kop Cats teasing of the Watford goalies during half time. Classic! They took it in good spirit aswell.
  • Another oustanding defensive performance from the back 4 and Mr Higgs.
  • Beckford played.
  • Beckford's electric pace that took him away from the Watford defence after Grella & Howson had released him only for the goalie to thwart him with an excellent save.
  • The tweets working well for the benefit of the New York Whites.
  • The final whistle blowing and sending Leeds into the 3rd round draw.

The Bad
  • Watford's equaliser taking the game into extra time. HC was on day's and I was up at 5.30am for the long trip to Herts the following day.
  • The groundsman's temper when the Watford goalie tried to warm up in the goals at HT. "Keep off the grass" he was shouting, lol
  • Beckford picked up an injury to his thigh/hamstring.
The Ugly

  • Enoch's 2 one on one chances in extra time that should have killed the game. Not sure his left leg knows what his right leg's doing?
  • The scything tackle on Beckford in the 2nd half. Guaranteed to send JB very quiet for a bit........and it did!

So I'm now looking forward to the draw on Saturday lunchtime and hopefully a "big one" at home or the scummers away will do nicely. Listen in to Yorkshire Radio's "Match replay" at 7pm on Monday and you will hear yours truely giving his thoughts on Saturday's game. Hopefully I will be using phrases like "7th win on the trot" & "top of the league"! can't wait.

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