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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The magic of the Cup or is it?

Who's the last team to depart Elland Road twice on the bounce with a victory tucked firmly under their arms? Of course that's an easy one it's tonight's visitors to Fortress ER and the last League 1 team to triumph there Carlisle United. Add to that the fact that we've not won since our history making, Fergie upsetting, well deserved win at the theatre of shite and the nerves start to jangle and the doubts start to surface. Leeds fans seem to be split between the "let's concentrate on the league" faction and the ones who believe we should be able to manage both. Let's be honest if we'd returned from soggy Exeter with three points the cup debate wouldn't have surfaced. I know Saturday's performance was dire but it's only the 2nd league game we've lost all season for christ sakes so we're only in the territory of minor blip not full blown self destruct!
One good thing from the weekend was the news that Jermaine has withdrawn his transfer request and will be staying at Leeds until at least the end of the season. Common sense prevailed in the end but I'd love to know what went on behind the scenes. I mean if he withdrew his request before the Exeter game, which he did, why wasn't it announced before Sunday? Could it be Leeds were having a final check with his suitors to see if they could get their asking price before welcoming back the prodigal son?
Tonight's game will be a chance for Leeds to take a giant step to Wembley against our Cumbrian bogey team. Who can forget that balmy night in 2008 when with time slipping away like blood from a dying corpse Dougie Freedman gave Leeds a 95th minute lifeline in the play off Semi's at ER. And who could forget Jonny's heroics in the return at Brunton Park that were responsible for at least one damaged settee as fans erupted when his last kick winner crossed the line? Something tells me this tie will be just as dramatic. After all when have Leeds done anything the easy way?
Can't wait.
In Grayson we Trust.

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