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Saturday, 2 January 2010

The magic of the Cup!

After a fabulous trip to see the sights of the Middle East Mrs MOT and I were deposited on the tarmac at Donny airport just before midnight on New Years Eve to a chilly -2' welcome. Once I'd checked my frozen extremities my mind started to focus on the clash with the Salford Yanks. 9 points deposited in the promotion bank while I was pretending to be a tourist over Xmas had gone down well with yours truly though. Must admit it was a bit strange celebrating Snoddy's opener against Stockport whilst negotiating my way into one of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. I was a bit pissed off when I came out and found a sullen texts from the Happy Chocker & Twizzler informing me of an unlikely equaliser! Alls well that ends well and by the time I'd bought the inevitable souvenir Mr Beckford and Bromby had secured another 3 points with two late goals.
Back to our trip to the Theatre of Shite. Leeds are clearly on a rich seam of form that has obviously not gone unnoticed by Sir Alex Rednose, as he has predicted that Leeds will soon be making a swift return to the Prem. Lord Grayson should take it as a compliment that Rudolph's mate deems it necessary to start with the mind games against a mere 3rd Division side. His team selection will also be interesting as with a Carling Cup game against Man City in mid week looming I fancy he'll play a stronger team against the mighty whites than he does in mid week. personally I don't think it matters. In reality Leeds shouldn't have a prayer against one of the strongest teams in Europe and our first priority should to keep the score to a respectable margin..................much as I'd like to predict a win my head tells me to be happy if we manage a goal and come out of the game with our pride intact. But, and it's a big but, if Leeds are still in the game as we start the 2nd half and with nearly 9,000 whites fans shouting themselves hoarse then a massive upset would still be possible. That's when the nerves will start to jangle on both sides and anything could happen. After all with a bit of luck we should have beaten Liverpool in the Carling Cup and there's not been a proper shock in the 3rd round yet and Lord Grayson has moulded the team into a never say die outfit. Just think as the game enters the 10th minute of added Fergie time and the teams are tied at 2:2 with a lucrative replay at ER looming and Capt Birdseye praying for the score to stay the same..................up pops Mr Howson to reprise his late winner at Carlisle in the play off Semi! Absolute bedlam breaks out in the away end......"3:2 in yer Cup Final" bellows out around the packed ground & Fergie strangles the 4th official. Now that would be a Grandstand finish. You see that's the magic of the cup, not always the actual game but the possibilities and dreams leading up to the game that dance through the minds of football nuts up and down the country. BTW if that dream becomes a reality by 3pm Sunday I will be the one swinging from the rafters of the Theatre of Shite singing "Can we play you every week" Can't wait!
So Jesus said to Simon the Messiah "Go forth and slay the Red Dragon and lead your disciples out of the wilderness and back to the promised land" MOT: 03:01:10


Matt said...

We're not famous
We're not famous
We're not famous any more!
We're not famous any more.

Anonymous said...

What a way to start the year, beating the Salford Yanks and Old Trafford. My Wife said I was daft getting up at 1.45am to watch the match online. The noise from the darkened lounge when we scored brought her from her bed and she stayed to the end. Neither of us truly believed we could do it.
What a great result.

Furthest outpost of the Leeds Empire
New Zealand

Andrew Butterwick said...

Fantastic day and a fantastic result. definitely worth all the heart ache from recent years to witness such aa FA Cup shock.

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