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Monday, 8 February 2010

90 minutes from Wembley!

Even though it is the much maligned JPT the fact is we are 90 minutes plus the time it takes for a penalty shoot out (god forbid) from gracing the most famous stadium in the world. I know there has been much debate amongst fans as to the value of this competition but come kick off time we'll all be willing the mighty whites onto victory. So do we want a day out at Wembley? Course we do so let's hope that Lord Grayson's team can overturn the one goal deficit in Carlisle's backyard. We've done it before so we can do it again.

A crowd of around 10k is expected at Brunton Park with 1300 from Leeds so there should be a crackling atmosphere assuming the Cumbrian weather relents. I think this will be the first time in a long time that Leeds haven't sold their full away allocation but given the distance and the early kick off its still a decent turn out.

All the signs are that Beckford won't be risked if he's not fully recovered from his knock on Saturday so I'm expecting a tough task. Realistically we need to score 3 goals given our recent defensive form, 10 goals conceded in our 6 non FA Cup games since the triumph at the Theatre of Shite.

Without Becks 3 goals is a big ask although Becchio has suddenly found his scoring boots so all is not lost........................that is if we deal with a certain Mr Kavanagh in the centre of the field and don't let him stroll around like a mobile advert for the Grecian 2000 before picture. If we play with confidence and make the ball do the work on the floor and not 30,000 feet in the air then there should only be one winner and that will be Leeds..........................but as we showed on Saturday at Hartlepool we never do things easy at Leeds so I'm expecting the full monty of emotions, ups and downs and squeaky bum moments in the game.............and that's before we go to the dreaded penalty shoot out. Step forward our new super hero CASPERMAN not only to save a vital penalty but to score one aswell. At least that would make the 6 hour round trip worth while!
Can't wait

PS. The Carlisle report will appear on Wed evening.

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