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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Leeds Utd v Walsall 25th Oct 2008

Match Track:

Chaos reigned at Selby station as we hurtled into the car park.  We were late and fearing the worst dashed out of the car and onto the platform to try and make our usual train.  We needn't of bothered as signal failure had decimated the whole timetable and our train was stuck  somewhere east of Selby.  
We had the full team out today, Happy Chocker and The Quiet One, and as ever a good number of other Selby based whites fans on the platform trying to keep warm and dry whilst we guessed when the train would come.  Eventually a train arrived and the freezing throng boarded already about two pre match pints down due to the delay.  After Tuesday's win had steadied the ship today was a golden opportunity to stake a firm claim to one of the automatic promotion spots.  
The confidence amongst the fans was high tinged with slight apprehension over the solidity of our now infamous leaky defence.  The Quiet One was confident though and had placed a bet, through Dad of course, on Leeds to triumph 2:0.
When we arrived at ER we had just time for a swift pint in the members club and see the end of the Tyne/Wear derby before a brief chat with the Neighbours with Denby in tow.
Now I had an E Mail this week from Tree Frog complaining that he didn't get a mention in the Brighton blog for his heroics in pacifying some Knobhead in the Club hello Tree Frog and I'll keep an eye out for further brave deeds through the season!
Back to the game and with a Cornish Pasty secured from the Kop bar (Why are they always 1000'c in the middle?) to munch as the game started I settled into my seat along with all the usual suspects.  The weather was blustery and bitingly cold, not conducive to good football but Leeds started well and were soon passing the ball around the park cocking a snoot at the inclement weather.  Walsall struggled to stay with Leeds and for the majority of the first half were chasing shadows. 
 Their Goalie, Ince, provided the crowd with some amusement as he "interacted" with us at every opportunity with facial expressions and gestures.  Now for me the game needs characters and he certainly fitted the bill..............he may have looked like a poor man's Ainsley Harriot and his goal keeping style was er eccentric to say the least but he definitely put a smile on lots of faces in the kop.  Somehow, despite the vast majority of possession,  we got to HT goalless but there weren't too many worries amongst the notoriously negative Leeds fans as they trudged away for their cup of tea.
The main event of the afternoon then took centre stage as the new Leeds version of Monopoly was launched with a game of keepy up with a giant furry yellow monopoly dice for the coveted price of of Leeds Monopoly!  As Al Murray would say....... fantastic.
Leeds started the second half with a bang and the ever improving Becchio soon put us in front with a well taken goal and from then on it was always a question of how many we would win by. The Quiet One celebrated the goal along with an exuberant Barry White, who had a fine afternoon of strange shouts,  Fabian had another outstanding performance crowned by two sweet strikes that will have the Prem's vulture scouts circling in increased numbers the nearer we get to January.  Robbo came on for his cameo and nearly scored with his first touch, a free kick.  He then went on to torment Walsall for the final 10 minutes and by the end they were well beaten and ready for the final whistle. There was a late scare as Ricketts had a chance to wipe the smiles off the koppites who tormented him all afternoon.........but missed.....which is exactly why they were tormenting him!
Another home win that moves us into 2nd in the table and what a difference a week and 6 points makes after our fruitless trip to the cauldron of The New Den.  Just time on the way home to run into some more crowing Codhead fans gleefully gloating as the Tigers had won again and are now joint top of the Prem.  Funny how many fans of the Amber and Black we meet now they are in the Prem...................never used to see or hear any of them when they were Sh***
We're away again on Tuesday with the long trek to Sarfend for The Happy Chocker and me.  A win there and again at Cheltenham on Saturday will just set us up for the run into Xmas by which time we will be sat proudly atop the League One table..............bliss.

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