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Friday, 17 October 2008

Millwall away 18th Oct 08: Preview

Preview track: (Sorry I couldn't resist!)
Millwall away..........even just saying it brings out a wide range of emotions from massive anticipation through awe to very real trepidation.  Borne out of a relatively recent history between the two hooligan elements of the club and enhanced by "Right said Fred's" and his cronies antics on the buses at ER tomorrow's match will attract their largest crowd of the season....and that's just the metropolitan police!  Anyhow I'm ready.........I've checked my will is up to date, bought a new stab vest, got grandad's old tin helmet and been practising my best Sarf London accent and phrases.  I think I'll be OK if I remember to use the following words in each sentence, Guvnor/Watcha/Manor/ and not greet everyone with "Eh up me old love"
Items in the news this week catching my attention include a British couple jailed for having sex on a beach in Dubai, strange how different countries have diametrically opposite views on the same Ibiza it's compulsory and in Dubai you go to jail?
Also our great leader has been doling out £500 billion to bale out 4 banks and "help avert a financial crisis and stimulate the economy"  Why doesn't he just share £500 billion between us taxpayers, after all it is our money, to stimulate the economy? That would work!
Back to Football and tomorrows meeting with the Lions should be one of the best matches so far given their surprising rise to the higher echelons of the league, although they will miss the silky skills of Tresor up front due to a clause in the loan agreement.  I think we will be too strong for them and expect Fabulous Fab to increase his fast growing reputation further with a sparkling display.  So that's it for today and given the venue for the match tomorrow if I don't return on Sunday thanks for reading my blog and I would like my ashes scattered at ER!

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