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Friday, 21 November 2008

Friday preview: Hartlepool home

Preview Track

Another week flies by and we are inevitably hurtling towards Xmas.  I know we've only just got rid of the smoke from bonfire night but the signs of Xmas have firmly  taken root...........every shop has got the same two records from Wizard and Slade playing on a continuous loop and their shelves stacked high with such  festive products as tins of Roses chocolates, combinations of bottles of funny named beers nobody has heard of bundled together & car valet kits..........ahhh the spirit of Yuletide.
In the news the great British public has again showed their strange resilience and willingness for a fight in the face of supposed outrageous injustice and maltreatment of an radio phone ins, TV news and the rabid tabloid press have fed ravenously all week on the fact that some cuddly political journalist has quit one of the many irrelevant Saturday night reality dance he could no more dance than I could be Alex Ferguson's PR agent I find it puzzling...............very British but puzzling.
Leeds fans famous capacity for enduring ongoing hardship and frustration was tested again this week with the opening of the window for the purchase of the latest tranche of away tickets.  After The Happy Chocker had spent a unsuccessful 45 minutes trying to book our next passports to away happiness on the LUFC website he gave me the archetypal hospital pass and I was plunged into an impossible cyber task.  After a further 90 minutes of logging on and off and filling in the most user unfriendly forms imaginable I finally got the required confirmation that everything was booked.  This satisfaction of ploughing through cyber adversity was short lived as the following day Leeds announced that all bookings had been been cancelled due to the problems and we have to go through the whole process again next Monday, absolute joy & who said customer service was dead?
So onto tomorrows clash with the Monkey Hangers, if you not sure read the link on the right hand column.  Will we carry where we left off on Monday in the cup or will we return to our form against Udders last Saturday.  Both the head and the heart says the former and we should have far too much fire power for our friends from up the A1 but with our jittery defence still living up to their reputation anything's possible.  Fabian will be back from his cameo appearance in the England U21's which even though he only came on for 4 minutes he still made an impact with one exquisite 30 yard pin point pass and numerous good touches as he buzzed about for the climax of the match.  Putting my prediction head, as Tina would say I'm rubbish at predicting, I think we will continue with the free scoring from Monday and run out 4-2 we're probably guaranteed a 0-0 now!
Finally thanks, merci beaucoup, G'Day, Hiy'all for the feedback this week from blog readers in the UK & around the globe.

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