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Sunday, 21 December 2008

Gary Mac sacked

So Gary didn't get the chance to solve the defensive puzzle.  I found out this morning as I was doing some Xmas shopping in the Leeds shop at Elland Road.  An attractive reporter thrust a microphone under my nose and asked for my opinions on his sacking.  "I didn't know he'd been sacked" was my surprised reply to the Yorkshire Radio reporter before expanding on decision.  Interestingly when I suggested Gus Poyet as a possible successor she gave a knowing smile (either that or she was impressed with my radio style!!!!) .  Poyet was at MK yesterday and is well liked by Capt Birdseye so must be good bet.
I feel sorry for Gary as he has instilled a much more attractive style of play into the club and he is passionate about Leeds United, despite what some Leeds fans were saying at the match, but in the end his failure to arrest the problems in the back four have been his downfall.  The romantic in me wanted  him to stay but bring in a defensive expert to get the back four organised but I suppose after 5 straight defeats you would expect to see some improvement in the way we defended but yesterday's game showed that if anything we are going backwards.
So the race is on to find his guess is that he's already been selected and will be announced tomorrow.........................and hopefully we get the "new manager bounce" when we play Leicester on Boxing Day.  One thing for sure it's never dull supporting Leeds!

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