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Friday, 12 December 2008

Leeds United v Colchester United preview.

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This week is always the one when the reality bites that Xmas is almost upon us..  Xmas do's are being organised, outdoor lights are proudly displayed on houses and everybody can repeat line for line all the supermarket Xmas adverts and tunes!  
In the spirit of the festive season the present Mrs Marching on Together also asked the inevitable question......"what do you want for Xmas"?  My initial response was to think that an unbeaten run until well into April wouldn't go a miss but I wasn't sure that would go down too well with my long suffering other half and settled for a rather pathetic "not sure there's anything I need" knowing full well if she took that literally there would be one grumpy Leeds fan come yuletide morning.  After numerous years of trying to 2nd guess what women actually mean rather than what they say I knew that she already knew damn well what she was getting me..............the real message was on the lines of "you've only got a couple of weeks left to get me anything darling so get your thinking cap on"
In the world of football we've had the bizarre sight of a team allowing the other team to score without a challenge as some numpty on their side had accidently scored when supposedly giving the ball back to the goalie after a stoppage for an injury (Chesterfield v Droylsden).  Made me think though............picture the scene, Leeds have finally made it back to the Money grabbing league and are reunited with our favourite foes at Old Trafford.  Manure put the ball out to allow the trainer on for the Portuguese diver.  At the restart big Enoch launches a "pass" back over the bemused Manure goalie into the net......................uproar follows and the game is held up while an ambulance whisks away Fergie after a heart seizure before Leeds allow Manure to go unchallenged and score?.  Now I know it's never going to happen but it's certainly made me smile!
So Colchester are the visitors on Saturday with Leeds desperate for a win or better still a win with a clean sheet to kick start their season and arrest the run of three straight defeats.  It will be interesting to see the size of the pre Xmas crowd for the visit of such illustrious opponents..........I'm not expecting much over 19k.  One good thing on Saturday will be the return of Fabian Delph after his costly suspension to add some spark to an increasingly laboured midfield.
There has also been speculation this week that Johnson and Kandol maybe recalled from their respective loan spells to bolster Leeds' promotion push.  Whilst I welcome anything that could add to the Leeds cause it does amaze me how fickle some fans can be.  The announcement in the media that Kandol may return was received with great relief across the various Leeds message presumably the same fans who were calling for his head all last season!
So roll on Saturday and please god let's have a win to send us into Xmas on a positive..........I suppose an unbeaten run until April is out of the question isn't it?

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