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Friday, 30 January 2009

Walsall v Leeds United 1st Feb 2009:Preview

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Up to now the action in the transfer window has been conspicuous by it's absence as far as Leeds Utd are concerned.  That is since the initial flurry in bringing in Naylor, Dickinson and Trundle on short term loans.  Now it is possible that by the time you read this that more inspired signings have joined Larry's revolution which will be fine just as long as there are no unwelcome exits of young star players, if you follow my drift! 
 I know that Kandol has returned to the club, not sure if that is permanent or part of another Larry master plan, and Christie has decided to move on as he doesn't appear to be in with a chance of a starting place in the current line up so I can only assume that between now and Monday there will be more in the best tradition of my crap predictions.................I think Larry will bring in another striker (in case Trundle doesn't extend his loan) and a new Goalie (sorry Casper) before the window slams shut on Monday night.
Not surprisingly I've been going about my business with a smile on my face this week after our two wins at ER that's despite the continued gloomy news that springs from each news bulletin as yet more businesses close down in the face of the increasingly harsh economic recession.  
Amongst this weeks casualties were steelmakers Corus who announced 3500 jobs were to go as a result of lack of orders. What infuriates me is the way the govt seem to have convinced themselves that it's nothing to do with them and it's just a result of "global factors"  If that's the case why do we waste taxpayers money on having MP's and a government if all they're going to do is blame some poor soul in Alabama who happened to default on his sub prime mortgage as the reason another 10000 jobs have disappeared in a week? 
Talking of jobs with clients for my business pulling in their horns at breakneck speed my search for a proper job took a turn for the better this week with a promising opportunity at the ultimate recession proof this space for further news.
Nearly 4000 whites fans will descend on Walsall tomorrow to see Leeds continue their unbeaten run and place more pressure on the nervous teams above us.  Amongst them will be the Happy Chocker and the returning Quiet One joining me on another train away day. I can't see any changes from Tuesday's line up as Hughes continued to fill in adequately at RB and the midfield created plenty of chances for Trundle and Becks up front.  The back four are playing as if they been together for years not weeks and instilling confidence not only in their colleagues but those ever sceptical, long suffering Leeds fans in the stands.  Credit for this lays squarely on the broad shoulders of Bam Bam Naylor and it is now inconceivable that his loan deal is not extended or better still made permanent.
So I am expecting us to have recorded our 4th win on the trot by 5pm tomorrow which will leave us with yet another silly grin that will last while............well Tuesday when we go to the Orient!
Can't wait.

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