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Monday, 16 February 2009

Hereford United v Leeds United preview.

Tomorrow we take on Hereford United at Edgar Street a fixture which means plenty of shuffling of work arrangements for those keen enough to go and watch the game live.  We will have a full car with HC's brother Chris and Welly joining a full compliment of the Happy Chocker, the Quiet One and myself so a lively discussion is guaranteed for the 4 hour dash to Cider country, especially as there is a diabolical slur on Facebook that brother Chris is actually a Codhead in disguise!
After Saturday's confidence sapping reverse against our West Yorkshire neighbours it goes without saying that nerves will be taut both on the pitch and in the away section of the archaic Hereford stands.  The reaction of the press to the match on Saturday has been one of a hard luck story for Leeds having peppered the Blues goal only to be defied by the highly rated Smithies in the Udders goal.  As you may guess, if you've read my report from Saturday, I was more critical of our ability to keep possession and exert meaningful pressure for the whole of the match and will be certainly looking for improvements during tomorrow's key match. 
 Maybe I am being harsh or other teams are failing to take advantage of our stumbles as we actually sit proudly joint top of the current form league with the much vaunted Leicester City:
1Leicester City6330115612
2Leeds United640293612
4Yeovil Town640275212
5Bristol Rovers632174311
6MK Dons6312129310

One reason we are still there or thereabouts is  despite the fact that we have lost a total of 12 games this year we have won the vast majority of the rest making draws about as common as a sincere apology from a politician.  So even though the doom & gloom seems to descend Leeds on a regular basis we are actually still in with a fighting chance of making at least the play offs.  
Not sure if that's a reflection of our tenacity to keep fighting or the averageness of the rest of the teams around us though.
Team selection for the game will be intriguing as we seem to be without a recognised RB after Hughes limped out of the game at Udders..........Dougie played better as his replacement than he did in midfield but he is suspended.  Rui has played there in the past so that could be a solution but with his improved form at the heart of the defence I think that's unlikely.  Up front we could do with a bit more pace so I wouldn't be surprised if Saturday's pairing of Becchio and Trundle is changed.  Who'd be a manager? 
Ever the optimist here's hoping the defeat on Saturday was a blip and by 5pm next Saturday we are another 6 points to the good.
Oh and my prediction for tomorrow..........Welly will choose the car park, Grella will come off the bench and snatch the winner in the 5th minute of injury time and I will have another 27 grey hairs.

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