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Friday, 6 March 2009

Bristol Rovers v Leeds Utd preview

Tomorrow we make the long drive to the West country to take on the Pirates from Bristol.  When we made the trip last year we were on the crest of a wave as were triumphed 3:0 and burst out of the relegation zone on the back of our 6th straight win.  What I would give for such a run now.My wry smile was back in operation this week as the latest plan to rescue the country from financial oblivion was announced by Alistair Darling and the Bank of England........... reducing interest rates to 0.5% and "Quantitative Easing" or to you and me printing money.  The irony is that if you or I did some Quantitative Easing of our own we would be arrested.  Now I'm no economist but if the idea is to stimulate lending by the banks shouldn't they be raising the base rate slightly to make it worth the banks lending money.......I mean that not going to do it for nothing are they?
Talking of financial matters I see that Capt Birdseye has been back in the headlines this week over the tangled web that is the ownership of Leeds United and that thorny subject of who was owed what and by whom when we went in and came out of administration.
  That fine upstanding "rent a quote" MP for Harrogate, the Burnley supporting and Leeds hating, Phil Willis stuck his ore in to muddy the waters.  Perhaps he should declare his undying hatred of the Mighty Whites in his next election manifesto  and see if he gets re-elected.  Obviously he won't but I might just make it my business to ensure that all the good people of Harrogate are fully aware of his lack of support for his local team.  Since when did the Liberals have any worth while policies anyway?
Back to tomorrows match and as ever the opposing manager, Bristol's John Trollope, has been gearing his team and fans up for the game by reminding them what a good/big team and set of fans we have.  I know Trollope is a good west country name but he must have a very understanding wife for her to put up with that monicker.
Rovers are on a good run of form so I'm expecting a hard game and anything more than 1 point will be an excellent return especially as we are without 4 key players in Robbo, Fraser, Hughes and the suspended Johnson.  We will have the ever improving Jonny Howson back in midfield though allowing our new star RB, Dougie, to continue his run of form in defence.  I'm confident that Mr Beckford will return to his scoring ways against Bristol after his blank against Oldham, especially as he's netted a brace in each of his last 2 outings against the blues.
All in all another tense, fraught, fingernail biting afternoon is in store.  Can't wait
PS: don't forget to vote for who you think will be the most successful in 3 years from now? Beckford, Delph, Snoddy or Larry.

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