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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Leeds United v MK Dons preview.

The murder mystery in the village goes on apace.  The unfortunate victim who had his head caved in was an unidentified Oriental and speculation is rife as to how he came to be residing at the bottom of our canal.  Betfred seem to think that he was connected with some illegal "slave trade" supply of illegal workers to various ethnic restaurants in the area.....................whatever the reason North Yorkshire's version of "CSI Selby" have been scuttling about all week searching the never regions of the canal for some clue as to the victims identity.  Where's Grissom when you need him? And I thought I lived in a sleepy village?
Good news from Elland Road this week as Larry has swooped into the loan market to secure another goalie and an imposing centre half to bolster the squad ready for the final promotion push.  Personally I think this is another astute move from Larry who has recognised the weakness at No 1 and whilst Casper always gives 100% he is weak against crosses and tends to be too indecisive for my liking................after saying that he made two terrific saves last week at Crewe to keep us in front.  Sam Sodje coming in from Reading should be an excellent acquisition as not only is he strong he is quick aswell.........oh and he can head a ball.  Lubo could learn one or two things from him.
One of the positive things about Saturday's game is the return of Jermaine Beckford and usually when he returns he scores so hopefully he will continue that sequence.  Hopefully the time he has had on the sidelines has given him time to reflect on his fiery temper that has seen him suspended far too many times this season................I'm not holding my breathe though!
The other intriguing decision facing Larry is who to play at right back.  Fraser is now fit but will he replace Dougie who has been an excellent stand in.  In fact he's been better there than in mid field.  For me I would leave Dougie at RB.  
The Franchise Dons slipped up again on Tuesday against Crewe, thanks to Sheehan gaining a late penalty, and their recent form must be a concern to their fans.  When we visited the Dons earlier in the season they were flying high and we were well beaten in what turned out to be Gary Mac's last game.  Doesn't that seem a long time ago?  But I think we will get ample revenge for that stinging defeat and continue our unbeaten run to put further pressure on all the teams in the promotion mix.  Who know's if Posh and the Wall slip up aswell.......................................
This week has seen the publicity machine for the film The Damned United go into overdrive with most TV or radio programmes carrying some sort of interview or reference to the piece of fiction.  ITV did also carry a documentary about Clough which turned out to be a veiled attempt to counter some of the more controversial points from David Peaces film.  Johnny Giles is one of the most vociferous critics of the film and book having already successfully sued the publishers for defamation of character in the book.  The Clough family aired their contempt for the film aswell.  Interestingly though Nigel Clough did give an insight into the more selfish side of his father when he confirmed that when he got his first England cap he never got a call from his Dad to say well done!  Bizarre.
If the film is as good as the hype then the cinemas will be packed for weeks to come.  I know the Happy Chocker has already got his tickets for this weekend.  Should be good fun if only to see the excellent Michael Sheen's wonderfully accurate portrayal of old big 'ead.  He seems to have got all the mannerism's and voice off to a tee and brings to life the first real celebrity manager of the modern game.  Of Clough's many quotes my favourite is when he was asked if he was the best manager in the country quick as a flash he responded with "I don't know about being the best but I'm in the top one"

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