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Monday, 11 May 2009

Really early preview for Thursday!

There's lots of nervous energy flying about in front of Thursday's winner takes all clash at ER.  Sammy's told the press that Leeds will sweep aside Millwall and the atmosphere at the Den was nothing to what it will be like at ER......................add to that he had to put his dislocated shoulder back in during the game and he's declared he'll play on one leg if needed on Thursday the guy's cult status has now reached the stratasphere.
So in tribute to Sammy's stiring speech I've put together a compilation of tracks to stir the blood ready for Thursday mingled with a vision of what I think Larry's team talk might just be!  So sit back and close your eyes and imagine its 7.30pm Thursday 14th May and you're in Elland Road along with 37,000 fanatical Leeds fans.  Enjoy

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