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Friday, 19 June 2009

Kick off gets just a bit nearer

This week has seen the publication of the fixtures for the new season and with it the whiff of anticipation of another promotion campaign. Thankfully we've avoided any long distance midweek away trips that would test even the most ardent of fans but our trip to Yeovil on Easter Monday might present problems if the bank holiday train service is as unpredictable as usual. The opening 2 games are against 2 of the promoted teams, Exeter and Wycombe, and hopefully provide the ideal opportunity for the mighty whites to get off to a flyer...................but life's never as simple as that and caution should be to the fore as 2 of last seasons promoted teams, Franchise Dons & the Posh, didn't do that badly did they. Finally on the fixtures all fans of Bristol Rovers will be quaking in their boots knowing their last match of the season is at Elland Road where for the last 2 seasons Gillingham and Northampton have fallen through the relegation trapdoor after last game defeats at ER.

Leeds' transfer activity spluttered into life with the signing of Jason Crowe from Northampton, and in doing so sounded the deathknell for out of contract Capt Chaos, Frazer Richardson. Fraser is the last remaining player from those distant days when we were lauding it in the Money grabbing league and whilst he's never been one of the most skillful or sound defenders he has always given his all for the cause and this fan wishes him well where ever he ends up. The signing does give an idea of the transfer budget that Larry is working to, ie not very big, so I suspect we are going to be significantly underwhelmed by the new players arriving at the Theatre of Frustration. Various players of above average ability for Div 3 seem to be moving clubs without any interest from in point is the 29 year old centre half, Nelson, who has just gone to Carrow Road on a free. Now on the evidence of the last two seasons Nelson's sterling efforts at the heart of Hartlepool's defence would indicate that he should be on Larry's wish list. But it seems he's wasn't..............................that might be a positive in that the reason we've not gone for him is that Sammy SodOff is already lined up to continue his loan spell with a permanent move to West Yorkshire. Let's hope so. All in all this grumpy old fan is feeling distinctly worried over the lack of activity. We even had to go public to deny we'd bought some Frenchman that nobody had heard of. Mmmmmmmmm.

After initial reservations I have warmed to the current T20 cricket World Cup. England managed to recover from a disastrous start only to go out after a battling performance at the Super 8 stage, bit like the last umpteen campaigns by their Soccer counterparts. The climax of the competition is Sunday's final between Pakistan and Sri Lanka where more high tension and drama is guaranteed by our Asian cousins. Even the present Mrs Marching on Together has taken a passing interest in the events but showed her true "colours" when she declared "How long have they been allowed to play in coloured shirts? It doesn't seem right not to be playing in white"...................I half expected Sir Geoffery Boycott to come in the room and say "It's not Crickeet"

Finally news that we have a friendly arranged with the Bar Codes of Toonland, something that has sparked lots of interest and anticipation amongst both sets of fans and a decent crowd is expected for the midweek fixture. It will be interesting to see the reception Mr Smith will get for instance......................which set of fans will give him the most grief? The "hard working" Mark Viduka may also have to take on some friendly advice about his lack of dieting? And of course, if he's still there and the Messiah Keegan hasn't made his 35th comeback, Mr Shearer might just get some direction on how to smile and have a cheery disposition rather than the miserable bastard look that he favours? I suppose it's also possible that a certain Mr Wise's name may be added to the songbook aswell? Who say's there's no fun in football anymore?

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