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Thursday, 9 July 2009

At last there's a game to go to................

After what seems a lifetime since our last match on that fateful night at ER we now have the first match of the new season this weekend, albeit a pre season friendly against the mighty York City. Now pre season games are never going to set the pulse racing as competitive games do but a match is a match and despite the quality of the opposition, they only just avoided relegation from the Blue Square last year, I'm looking forward to dusting down the Leeds shirt and seeing what shape the squad is in for the coming season. And it will also give me a chance to have a first look at all the new faces that have arrived to strengthen the team over the summer. So I'll be reporting back on how well Russell Crowe fits in and well that's it unless the geriatric ex Cheltenham goalie gets a run!

I was also pleased to see that big Enoch is back in training after his illness and I for one look forward to seeing him in action again. No he's not the best player we've got but as he doesn't appear to know what he's doing on the pitch neither does the defender so that causes havoc that usually results in goals. If nothing else he makes me laugh!

At least Beckford and Delph are still with us, unlike young star Luke Garbutt who has chosen to join Premier League hopefuls Everton. Clearly this is disappointing as another product of the Leeds academy is lost to a higher league club but whilst we linger in the 3rd tier of English football this will continue to happen. Just hope he's not mates with Fabian and tries to persuade him to follow him across the M62! Bizarrely Luke announced his departure on Facebook before telling Leeds.
I got a shock this week when I received an E mail inviting me to join the fans panel on Yorkshire Radio. The shock being I had forgotten all about my response some weeks ago to the request on the Leeds website. But I must admit I'm looking forward to joining the other 14 whites fans in populating the "fans chair" on match days and on the Monday evening review shows on Capt Birdseye's flagship station.................Sorry Popey, Gaz and Stitch. Just not sure I will be able to stick to the on air etiquette when Leeds score in the last minute of a match......Get innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn you flipping beauty or words to that effect!

I also noted this week that it's not taken long for the winking diving latino to upset his erstwhile fans at the Theatre of Prawns by stating that La Liga is the no 1 league in the world.............just like he stated that the Prem was No 1 league in the world when he joined the Salford Yanks.

And finally news this week that scientists at Newcastle University have developed a method of growing sperm from stem cells without the need for men.........................always suspected Toonland was a town full of wankers!

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