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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Newcastle Utd v Leeds Utd July 29th 2009

Time, money and distance all conspired to prevent this whites fan from making it to Toonland for our friendly with the bar codes. The 3000 Leeds fans who did make the trip certainly drowned out their counterparts in a 17,000 crowd at St James.
As expected Mr Smith had an uncomfortable evening in front of his former fans and when he was ironically named as Man of the Match by the tannoy announcer yet more vitriol cascaded down from the Leeds fans. Big Steve did make the match and reported good performances from Higgs, Delph, Rui and Krisnorbo. Certainly our defence seems to be gelling together well in stark contrast to last years initial attempts at keeping clean sheets. Pre season is going far too well for Leeds United. The games we have played have in general show cased a confident air of class, resolve and organisation more befitting a team in a higher league. There have been no off the field dramas to deflect from the preparations, no points deducted wonder the Happy Chocker declared he was bored with the close season this week and couldn't wait for the Exeter game!
Finally last nights game finished with MOT ringing round St james Park, something that still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, though it's a sobering thought that the next time we play at St James will be 370 miles north of Toonland in deepest Devon. Burnley away on Saturday wraps up an impressive run of friendly games for Leeds but alas I won't be able to make the trip to the home of the Clarets...............................Roll on the season proper.
Question for you..............What momentous event happened this day 43 years ago? A big clue.............They think it's all over.............

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