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Monday, 24 August 2009

Leeds Utd v Watford: preview

Strange things happened this weekend? Not only did we wrench the Ashes back from our colonial cousins from down under and Burnley won another Premier League match but Leeds United played the perfect game? I've not heard one note of discontent from any fans I've spoken to or seen any whingers on the many cyber forums...............even Jonty's happy. Even scanning the various accounts in the newspapers it appears that overnight Larry has created the perfect Div 3 team. Next thing Paddy Power will be closing the book on Leeds winning the title!
It's all a bit bewildering as most fans in recent years have got used to the fact that somethings always wrong, we get a potent attack and the defence is crap, we get a decent team and all of a sudden we're get the picture. So I am proceeding with caution and pinching myself on a regular basis just to check I am not dreaming. Of course the biggest black cloud of all black clouds is still hanging over the club until the transfer window slams shut at the end of the week...........that of the potential transfer of JB. Yes I know Larry and Capt Birdseye keep saying he's going nowhere but when any of the potential suitors see the DVD of Saturday's game then their cheque books will be out faster than Freddie Flintoff throwing down Ponting's wicket!
Hope I'm wrong but with his signature conspicuous by it's absence on his "new" contract my nerves will continue to jangle. Of course Leeds could always offer him more money rather than just an extended contract? That might work?
Watford are the visitors to ER for the next Carling Cup tie. As we all know we haven't played them since we got trashed in Cardiff in that Play Off it would be nice to get some revenge for that particular humiliation. More to the point a passage through to the next round and the entrance of all the money grabbing teams would whet the appetite of all the Leeds faithful................Manure at home, Arsenal away, Burnley would be a given, Spurs at ER.........but first let's get past Watford.
I hope we do put our strongest team out as indicated by Larry today as I am a firm believer in keeping a winning team together and not "rotating" as is the modern way. Looking at Watford they have the one time donkey of ER, Danny Graham, in their ranks and he's still scoring, as he did when he was last in LS11 with Carlisle. Can't see him getting the better of Rui and Kisnorbo though. My prediction is a 3.1 win for the Whites to cruise our way into the next round.
Finally Saturday saw a disappointing crowd of 21k partly due to the away support amounting to 3 taxis and a mini bus but even so as we are in our 3rd season in the 3rd tier I really think Leeds need to re-evaluate their ticket pricing policy. £31 to watch Leeds & Tranmere is ridiculous. Some Tranmere fans thought that we deliberately put the prices up for them ffs!
The Watford game is a classic.............The crowd will be in the region of 12k I would think and yet it's £20 to sit in the West or East stand. Why an earth do they have a differential for these games? £10 for adults across the piece and kids under 12 go free should do it. Rant over.
Roll on tomorrow. Can't wait.
Fantasy League up date tomorrow but the Happy Chockers XI is still leading. Leeds Elite have had a good start though.


Peter Nugent said...

Heya MOT, sounds like a great performance from all the reports I read, lucky you!! I am also a little wary of all the good signs but Leeds fans forever live in hope.

Oh speaking of signs and portents, you missed one...your own predictions. They were not exactly spot on last year when predicting wins, as I recall but ominously, your 4-0 on the Tranmere game was too close for comfort. Scary, hey??

Congrats on the Ashes, I enjoyed the series, though not as rivetting as 2005. I'm sure your heart goes out to the Aussies, lol.

Marching on Together said...

Lol, The Happy Chocker is always "cautious" of my predictions but on Saturday I was there or there abouts. My only worry, apart from JB, is that peaking in August is fine if your out of sight by Xmas but the title race is a marathon not a sprint. Let's see what my 3:1 prediction does tonight...if that comes in I might have to start placing money on them. Now that's scary!

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