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Monday, 17 August 2009

Travels of a Leeds Fan Fantasy League

After week one in the Fantasy League the Happy Chocker is storming away at the top. Yours truely suffered with a defence made up of Everton and Liverpool players but it's a Marathon not a sprint!
The top 5 looks like this: Remember it's free to join and you can still enter by following the instructions in the right hand column. Go to to register and don't forget that the name of our league is http://leedsfan.blogspot.

Team Pts
Happy Chockers XI 70
Enochshowunmifc 38
Wilko's XI 36
Altinkumites 32
MOTForever 30

1 comment:

TSS said...

I joined one of these too and am suffering from pretty much the same. As a rule, I refused to pick a single Scum or Blue Scum player, so unless Liverpool and Arsenal do exceptionally well, I think it's safe to say I've lost.

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