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Friday, 4 September 2009

Weekend Preview

So who's going to blink first out of the two top teams Charlton or Leeds Utd? When Leeds kick off against Stockport in search of their 8th straight win of the season and 14th league win on the trot Charlton will already have finished their noon showdown with Brentford at the Valley. Brentford will be nobody's pushover this season so I'm expecting them to test the Addicks and open the door for Leeds to take over top spot. That's the plan anyway!
Whilst it's still early in the season, and there's a trifling matter of another 41 games to go, we are already creating a small amount of clear water between us and the chasing pack. Things are at last looking good for the men in white and for that matter their long suffering loyal fans. All indications are that Larry's men will continue their impressive form at the expense of a Stockport team who are still constrained by a transfer embargo after their recent financial troubles. The only concern for me and other hardened fans will be the prospect of big Lubo starting the game at the centre of the defence in the absence of Rui and Kisnorbo. Hopefully the latest Leeds fan to sign for Leeds, Leigh Bromby, will marshall the defence in the Naylor mould and repel the Stockport attack.
Other than that the team should remain the same which means Mr Beckford leading the attack after all the speculation about him leaving coming to nothing at 5.01pm on Tuesday much to the relief of all Leeds fans, even the "lazy bastard" brigade. In fact the closing of the transfer window was a bit of a damp squib all round with next to no last minute activity to feed the circling journalists who were dotted around the various grounds waiting to bring their exclusive's.
Elsewhere I made my Yorkshire Radio debut on Monday's Matchday replay along with Thom Kirwin and Adam. It was all good fun but eye opening to see just what a small operation is needed to put Yorkshire Radio on the air. In essence the programme was Thom, his computer and a few pre recorded interviews............along with some incisive expert comments of course............but no back up technicians or nothing. Highlighted when we finished and Thom set up the next 4 hours transmission on his computer and then locked up and left! Capt Birdseye definitely doesn't waste any money where he doesn't have to!
Speaking of which I, amongst many other fans, have yet again been astounded by the ticket arrangements for a big match. Only allocating 1 ticket each for season ticket holders and members for the Liverpool game is verging on the criminal in my eyes. If all the loyal fans who follow the team up and down the country can't get a ticket for a friend for a game like this, which they can't, then something is sadly wrong with club's policy towards the fans..............and yes the habitual Bates bashers will say "I told you so" but this time he's taking the piss good and proper. Rant over.
Seeing as my predictions have been scarily close this season I will attempt to get one spot on for tomorrows game with a 3:1 punt for a Leeds win. Can't see a clean sheet with Lubo on board but you never know?
Can't wait.

PS the report, pics, highlights etc will appear after 10am Sunday due to some planned family revelling on Saturday night.

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