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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Leeds Utd v Grimsby Town JPT Nov 10th 2009

First I'll start with the attendance register. Happy Chocker........absent digging coal. You didn't need Poirot's little grey cells to work out where the other 12,000 or so regular attendees at ER were..........tucked up at home or in the pub watching the game on Sky! In some ways you can't blame them on a chilly night missing out on a match in the much maligned "Watching Paint Dry" trophy but I've a sneaking feeling the competition will take on a more compelling appeal the nearer we get to Wembley.
I'd scampered down from work to a deserted Kop bar to have what passed for my tea of a Pie and a pint as I waited for the kick off. Big Steve appeared minus George.........absent playing Call of Duty, scandalous! Turkey Twizzler arrived like Billy No Mates. Luke, Dale et al were all marked absent.
So it was just the faithful few and a larger than normal number of juniors taking advantage of the cheap tickets who filled the kop. The Haddock Munchers from Lincolnshire had brought a good turn out nearly filling the bottom tier of the South Stand..............well if you lived in Grimsby you'd take any excuse to get out for the evening wouldn't you?
Larry had picked a strong team with Vokes and Becks up front, Max starting possibly his last game for Leeds and Killa getting a rare start in the middle. At the back Lubo and Aidey White were given a chance to shine. I duly noted all the absentees in the seats around me and the game was under way.
Now Grimsby, a team struggling near the foot of Div 2, and fresh from an embarrassing defeat against Bath in the FA Cup looked like fish ready for filleting as Leeds got amongst them from the off. Sammy Vokes failed to keep a header down in the first 5 minutes as I settled back for an exhibition game. Leeds were knocking the ball about with Killa orchestrating play from his midfield role but somehow we got to 25 minutes and it was still 0.0. The only time Grimsby got the ball there front men ran offside. I must have counted them off 11ty times. This was not lost on the kop as they sang "You've never been onside"
Something was not right though. I hastily scanned the pitch and checked the programme. Yep Jermaine Beckford was playing but I don't think I'd seen him touch the ball? After Saturday's less than impressive performance I'm beginning to wonder just what is wrong with our goal scoring hero? Maybe he didn't like the fact that every second pass seemed to go to Mad Max as first he was a right winger then a left then midfield...................I think they're triplets fizzing about all over the pitch.
Just when it looked as if the first half was going to be goalless 2 popped up at once..........first one of the triplets shot and deflected deliciously of the Mr Lancashire into the Fishing net......1:0 Leeds. Then the imperious Kilkenny slotted home a 2nd to send the visitors in for their Half Time drink well and truly battered.
I spent HT trying work some life back into my frozen feet as the first winter game of the season took it's toll on my nether regions. My hands were ok though.........good job or I would have had Frozen Fish Fingers! (Sorry)
Leeds were now attacking the Kop and surely now the goals would start to flow. But after a bright opening things started to get a bit scrappy to say the least. "2:0 and you smell of Fish" the kop amused themselves taunting the Black and white army.
The third goal came from a Beckford toe poke after sterling work from Snoddy had created the chance. It was looking Grim for Grimsby.
But suddenly the Haddock boys were back in the game when Casper came for a cross and punched the ball right onto Peter Sweeney's sweet left foot he returned it with precision into the top corner of the unguarded net. 3.1
Mad Max was soon torturing the Grimsby back four again though and when he crossed perfectly for Snoddy at the back post the majority of the kop thought he'd scored but the goalie scrambled the ball away tantalising in front of an open goal but nobody in a white shirt was following in. Robbo, Enoch and Prutts all got to stretch of their legs for the last 15 minutes but frustratingly there were no more goals. Grimsby made a good fist of trying for a second goal and Casper was called on to save Aidey White's blushes when he gave the ball away on halfway.
In the end a comfortable win as expected. 2 rounds from Wembley and with only Accrington, Carlisle and Bradford standing in our way not many people will be betting against us making the trek down Wembley way again. That will test the Happy Chocker's resolve not to go to a JPT match me thinks.
Killa was my man of the match closely followed by Mad Max. Not a match that will stay long in the memory though.
Next game is Brighton away a week on Saturday. Hopefully we will make Brighton rock with another win on the road. Can't wait.

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