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Friday, 24 December 2010

Seasons greetings to one and all!

The festive season is well and truly here.  Presents are wrapped, the turkey has been liberated from Dawsons the butcher and work finished for another year. The Xmas spirit is alive and well in Brayton as everyone seems to have an extra spring in their step as they scuttle about doing their last minute preparations for the big day.

Preparations are also well under way on Planet Leeds as we enter the holiday period with the possibility of reaching the summit of this division come New Years day.  There is a tangible sense of anticipation in the air around the club and it's legions of fans as we look forward to what could be a seminal year in the history of Leeds Utd.  Can Lord Larry lead the club to back to back promotions? Will Kissy ever don a white shirt again? Will we soon be singing a different version of the Jan 3rd song?

"Jan 8th remember the date,
We beat a team of Sanchez's mates,
We knocked the Arse out of the FA Cup,
We're Super Leeds and we're going up"

All key questions as Lord Larry celebrates his 2nd anniversary at the helm of the famous West Yorkshire club.  Ironically his first game in charge was a scrambled draw against our hosts on Boxing day, Leicester City.  If my memory is still intact I believe it took a last minute goal from Snoddy to send the huge home following home with a crumb of hope of better things to come.  Those better things came in the shape of promotion and some glorious cup exploits including "that" trip to the Theatre of Shite and of course mixed with some downs on the way, heartbreak against Millwall in the play off's amongst others.  As a backdrop to all the trials and tribulations the Leeds fan base has remained remarkably solid.  The away support is phenomenal regardless of whether it's Swindon on a cold Tuesday night or the Emirates in front of the full glare of the world's media the away end is always sold out and always delivers an atmosphere that has the hairs on the back of your neck standing to attention.  People can criticise Leeds Utd for lot's of things, and many take great delight in doing so, but the one thing they can't deny is the unbridled passion, loyalty and unswerving support the team get from their long suffering fans.  Put simply Leeds Utd have the best fans in the world and I count myself fortunate to be one of them.

So as Xmas Eve comes to end and Xmas day dawns I will share with you a little known reading from the bible that I think is somehow appropriate at this joyous part of the year.  Taken from the gospel according to Simon 12.2.
And so it came to pass that Lord Larry and his disciples were sent out into the wilderness to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus. They travelled south guided by the light over a yonder stadium and came to rest in Leicester, the city of Foxes.  At first Lord Larry and his loyal band of brothers were repelled and rejected by the strange men in blue.  "What do we do now?" a fearful disciple asked Lord Larry.  "Fear not I see a 3 pointed star shining brightly in the sky.  That is a sign sent from the Angel of the unbeaten run to guide us to victory" and with that a blonde haired Argentinian disciple rose from the ground and grasped the three pointed star with a flick of his head.  The noise that greeted his act of faith deafened the strange men in blue and they scuttled for cover. This was a great victory that pleased the Angel of the unbeaten run.  Lord Larry returned North in triumph with the 3 pointed star proudly shining above him.  The tribe of mighty whites threw scarves at his feet all the way home.  There endeth today's lesson. Amen

Have a very merry Xmas blog readers.  Here's to a smashing Xmas dinner and a suitable celebration on Boxing Day.  Don't belts fastened and oxygen masks required from here on in!
Can't wait.


BzhTyke said...

The gospel according to Simon, absolutely brilliant

Andrew Butterwick said...

Cheers Baz.

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