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Monday, 5 March 2012

Codhead & Chips anyone?

It's fair to say that Mr Warnock's first game in charge at the Theatre of Renewed Hope made an impact on not only on the beleaguered Leeds fans but the wider Football audience.  Leeds suddenly found the 3 P's that had been missing for most of the season, Pride, Passion and Purpose, and didn't the League leaders know it?  Yes they may have departed West Yorkshire with three points but they knew they were very lucky and severely indebted to their Goalie, Kelvin Davis, who had the game of his life in front of the TV cameras.  The stirring action on the field also reignited the atmosphere in the stands as the faithful few who were at the match gorged themselves on the positivity shown by the men in white and lifted the decibel levels to the highest heard this season.

Of course you can say that we still lost after all that but if this is the blue print for how we will play under Colin's direction then bring it on.  We won't come up against a team with a goalie performing heroics every week so hopefully we can look forward to a rare thing.............Leeds picking up momentum as the season comes to close rather than the other way round which has been the case in recent years.  I still think the play offs will be a step too far this year but if all we do is build a platform for next year's challenge I'll be happy.  Anything else is a bonus.

Hull City are up next with their miserly home defence.  They are currently 3 points in front of us with 2 games in hand so it will be another tough test for Leeds especially with Aidey White and Bromby likely to be sidelined after injuries picked up on Saturday.  On the positive side that will make room for Danny Webber to start after his very impressive appearance off the bench on Saturday.  The trip to Hull is never the most pleasant of experiences with most of the home fans carrying a big chip of resentment on their shoulders towards their West Yorkshire cousins.  The 4.1 hammering earlier in the season they received at Elland Road won't have helped relations either.  Just as well that we don't give a flying fuck about the Codheads then?

So I will transverse the M62 from Trafford and back in the expectation that Leeds will add a few more chips to the Codheads' plate by completing the double over them in fine style.  I'm thinking a nice 1.0 win thanks to a late Ross Mac strike will be the order of the day followed by a rousing chorus of MOT at the final whistle.  Now that will really piss them off.
Can't wait.

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