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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Once again Planet Leeds is awash with uncertainty.

Mr Warnock's departure was never going to be a quiet affair. His decision to step down, or his sacking depending which version you believe, was inevitable after the defeat against our number one bogey team Derby County. Judging by his numerous media appointments since his trip back to Cornwall he took a healthy portion of sour grapes with him as he continued to try and convince the football world that he'd done fantastic job in West Yorkshire and the club were in a far better position than when he arrived. Yes right Colin! He believes it but I don't think you'll find even his staunchest supporter agreeing with him.

So where do we go from here? The financial situation at Leeds appears to be still as precarious as ever. Warnock alluded to an element of chaos behind the scenes and a distinct lack of cash in his post sacking monologues something I suspect is a lot nearer the mark than his assessment of his record at Leeds. Whilst the candidates for the Leeds job grows with each day I can't see an appointment being made until the ownership situation has been resolved. In the meantime Neil Redfearn and Richard Naylor get the chance to guide the good ship Leeds through the choppy waters of the last 6 games and away from the jagged rocks of relegation. Their first chance to impress the Leeds faithful is the trip to the Valley on Saturday and the clash with Charlton Athletic. The recall of Dom Poleon to the squad has already pleased the majority of fans. They will need 100% support from the extended Leeds family if they are to benefit from a post Warnock surge of form though. Despite Redfearn doing a sterling job with the development squad and Leeds youngsters I'm not sure we will see the immediate influx of youth some fans are expecting until we put some blue water between us and the bottom three. It would be a massive risk to throw the cream of our youth into what is now a relegation battle.

Charlton will be a tricky test followed by a big Yorkshire derby against the Wendies the following week. In lots of ways this will be the biggest week of the season for Leeds. If they come through unbeaten with at least 4 points the momentum that would give the team will catapult Leeds far away from the unseemly relegation dog fight. On the other hand if we continue with our recent form and emerge from next Saturday's game without a win then the alarm bells will be ringing loud and clear on Planet Leeds. If that is the case our off the field problems will multiply faster than you can say "Yeovil away anyone" to any potential investors.

So the heat is on for Redfearn and his new charges. It's definitely time for the players to step up to the plate. Although Warnock rightly received fierce criticism for his management of the team and tactics ultimately its the players who perform on the pitch and too many just didn't. Now they need to show some bollox and dig in to grind out the results we need. Hopefully Ross Mac will be given a run in the team to show his undoubted skill and passion for the team. Goals have been scarce of late.........actually ever since Becchio departed for somehow Redfearn needs to find the ideal striking partnership, Morison and Ross Mac or Ross Mac and Poleon? Persevere with Varney and Morison? Difficult call but I've a sneaking feeling the team sheet will have some surprises in that area come 3pm Saturday.

A London away day beckons. Will Redfearn and Naylor find the magic formula to fire Leeds to victory in the smoke? Will Dawson keep his starting place? Will Poleon make an impact? The intrigue of Leeds' season continues. This season is far from over. Seat belts fastened please.

Can't wait.


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