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Friday, 22 August 2008

Pre match thoughts: Yeovil away.

This weeks pre match thoughts are a tad early due to the unearthly hour we shall be departing tomorrow and todays visit to Headingley to watch the ODI between England and SA. The Happy Chocker has arranged the cricket day and we shall be joined by his brother and the Monkey Hanger. I do like a day at the cricket with all it's traditions..................the sound of leather on willow, rain on the umbrella, and the clattering of yet another "beer snake" falling on the raucous Western terrace and not forgetting the traditional sights of a few Elvis & Flintstone fancy dress groups....and they say cricket's not like it used to be!
So onto the Yeovil game. I know it's early in the season but it could be one of the defining matches of the year as Yeovil have had a decent start and after last weeks hiccup our confidence is slightly fragile especially in defence.
Anyhow the good news is that we will be well supported by provisions provided by Dawsons, the best the world, (Carlsberg don't do Butchers but if they did) during our epic trek to the South West. So on reflection we should be in for a good day with Leeds snatching a late winner to re-ignite their season.
In response to WitteringWhite and others from the 606 message board I will taking the camera to capture some of the lighter moments from the Yeovil trip. Notwithstanding technical problems these will appear Sunday.

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