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Friday, 26 September 2008

Friday Preview: Hereford United home

A bit late with the preview today as I've had one of those frustrating days at work where nothing seems to have gone quite to plan and anybody or anything that can hold you up has done.  As I'm working on the wrong side of the Pennines I've also had to negotiate the M62 and following the pattern of the day as soon as I hit Windy Hill I run into a twenty mile crawl back into god's county.  So if you detect a slight edge to the blog tonight that's the reason why.
Casting an eye on the world stage this week I can't help but notice the continuing meltdown and disintegration of the financial system of the western world............but all is not lost as Golden Brown has flown out to the US for a crisis meeting with George Bush to agree an action plan to resolve the global credit crunch.....Yeah right!  I've got a better solution let's sack all the politicians, financial speculators, Russian Oligarchs, Football agents and stewards at ER and the world will be a much better place.  I mean it couldn't be any worse could it?
Rant over and back to football.  I witnessed another example of why Men are from Mars and women from Venus this week when the present Mrs Marching on Together was quizzing me after the Hartlepool game on Tuesday.  She was curious why I was grinning like a Cheshire cat, I mean she can tell if we've won without asking the score when I get in just by my mood, but she thought this was different and it was as I explained......................"We're in the 4th round and the way we're playing we could go all the way to Wembley"  "But didn't you go there last year" she queried "Yes" I replied fearing the response  "So why would you want to go seems a bit of a waste of time to me"         Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh admitting defeat I use that old tactic of changing the subject and ask her "have you spoken to your Mum" and it worked a treat.
Hereford arrive at ER tomorrow in very different circumstances to their successful foray last year.  They are rooted to the bottom of the table and are leaking goals right left and centre so we should continue our climb up the table with another comfortable win, famous last words.  I was disappointed that some of the Kop chose to have a go at Enoch on Tuesday.  I can never understand why fans think that booing and jeering one of your own players does anyone any good? I remember last year when the crowd actually cheered when Kandol was substituted.....I know he wasn't having a good one but there is a limit.
 The new away shirt is out tomorrow so I will be giving Capt Birdseye £40 for the priviledge of wearing an away shirt that is reminiscent of AC Milans kit.  The only problem is that for most of the teams we play in this league it will clash and we will revert to yellow.  I said I was a bit edgy so I will finish on a positive with a 6:0 prediction for tomorrow.

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