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Friday, 3 October 2008

Peterboro away:Preview

As Gary Mac doesn't seem to want me as his defensive coach...................I went for a job interview this week and as I have been able to avoid proper job interviews over the years through a mixture of good luck and good management I must admit to a touch of apprehension as I enetered the office car park.  There was one thing that was on my side though and that was the location, not more than a mile from the Cathedral of football that is ER!  My nerves were finally laid to rest as I entered reception and was confronted with a framed signed Leeds shirt staring down at me from behind the slightly camp male receptionist.  Now this is a firm I could work for.....................there followed a promising interview helped by my subtle (or probably not so subtle references) to the mighty whites during my session with the season ticket holding this space for the result.
In the surreal world of finance billions of dollars have been wiped of the stock market as the credit crunch continues to wreak havoc.  I'm not an economist but where has it gone? Has someone in a sleepy town in Kansas got it stashed in a barn? Or has some Arab prince spririted it away with the intention of buying a Premier League club?
Back to Football and another massive away following will be supporting Leeds tomorrow with their anthem, MOT, reveberating around a packed stadium........good luck to the Rhinos in the Super League Final and I will enjoy hearing the classic foootball anthem ringing around the home of Scumchester once again.
As ever we have sold out our allocation of 4000+  for the trip to Peterboro so despite the noon kick off the atmosphere is bound to be at fever pitch come kick off time.  Gary Mac didn't get the Manager of the month, we only won 6 out of 6 in Sept, but that's a blessing in disguise as we won't be open to the curse of the MOM winners, losing the next match.  So next stop The Cherry Tree pub on Oundle Road for a pre match pint and hopefully bacon butty breakfast.....brilliant.
PS: Wittering White: Hope you found a ticket for the game.

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