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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Pre season trundles on.........

Leeds brought their successful pre season tour of the Emerald Isle to a winning conclusion in Belfast against Glentoran yesterday with goals from Snoddy, Becks & Big Enoch. A satisfactory end to a week which has seen Leeds take our star goal scorer off the transfer list and, touch wood, a certain Mr Delph continues to ply his trade wearing the famous white shirt of Leeds Utd. So things are looking reasonable for the mighty whites with the big kick off only 3 weeks away.

Elsewhere in Football it seems that some clubs still think the credit crunch is a new snack bar from Mars as mind boggling sums of money change hands as mercenary players move from club to club. One club that stands out this season in the money stakes is Man City.................I know it doesn't sound right does it? Manchester City are an archetypal "working class" club who suddenly have a bottomless pit of money to spend.
They remind me a bit of Viv Nicholson when she won the Pools in the 60's and declared she was going to "Spend, Spend, Spend" Mark Hughes is following a similar path but he's finding it more difficult to get rid of his new masters millions as player after player appear to reject the opportunity to overload their bank account by pulling on the light blue shirt of City. John Terry's obviously tempted but doesn't seem yet convinced that a move to Moss side is right for him.......and who could blame him. As a normal football fan, well try and imagine me as normal for these purposes, the "wealthy benefactor" a la Abramovich and City's Abu Dhabi Prince, are not good for the game in the long term. City have now spent a jaw dropping £516m since the Prince bought the club last year adding fuel to the fire that dictates that success in football in the UK is now only available to the clubs with the biggest bank account and more worryingly those clubs who aspire to dine at the top table and fail face catastrophic consequences. Just ask Mike Ashley as he desperately tries to sell off his ownership of the Toon. As ever their fans will remain loyal as their team spirals down the leagues as their overpaid stars have neither the bottle or inclination to fight for the cause and return their team to the Premier League. Instead the players will be leaning on the parasites of the game, player agents, to get them another meal ticket at another unsuspecting club prepared to pay silly money for an average player.

On a more light hearted note I read with glee in the local Selby Times of an "unlucky" Manure fan who had won a prize of a lifetime with MU Finance. Problem was the prize was for an all expenses paid visit to Indonesia to see his "local" favourites play an Indonesian Star XI which had to be cancelled after the terrorist bombs in Jakata. Still all is not lost as I believe Selby Town have a game with Glasshoughton Welfare on the same day!

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