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Monday, 17 October 2011

Sex, expose's and another week on Planet Leeds

After the luxury of a weekend off for the international break Leeds are now facing a hectic period of six games in three weeks.  First up are Coventry City who currently languish in 19th position in the table with just ten points from eleven games.  Add that fact to their awful record of just two points in eight visits to the Theatre of Hope since a 1996 Huckerby inspired 3.1 victory and the odds are stacked firmly in favour of Leeds extending their recent excellent form. Certainly if Leeds carry on where they left off from Friday night's demolition of the mighty Donny Rovers they should dispose of the Light blues and push into a top six position.  So what's changed?

The first five games of the season yielded just one win against the Codheads and a battling draw at Upton Park giving a paltry 4 points from the first 15 available.  Fast forward another 5 games and we've plundered an impressive 13 points from 15, definitely promotion form.  Latterly the introduction of Tom Lees at centre half together with Adam Clayton's impressive form and Ross Mac's goals are the foundations of the unbeaten run with good support from the very solid Andy Lonergan.

All this against a background of continued unrest on the terraces at the way the club is run or more to the point who's running the club.  The latest TV expose from the BBC reignited old flames of contention over who used to run the club and how the possibility of a £10m investment  could have saved the club from administration and the infamous 15 points deduction.  The murky waters of Ken Bates's stewardship of our famous old club do not need any more stirring from this direction as there are plenty more vociferous organs playing that tune elsewhere but what was interesting were the comments from the Football Financial "expert" from Liverpool University who was complimentary with regards the current financial model Leeds were using to run the club.  Of course the massive downside to that positive is our chairman's seemingly pleasure he gets from treating his paying customers with the utmost disrespect and disregard choosing to berate and belittle any voice of complaint or challenge to his decisions and authority regardless if it is an established media organisation, such as the BBC, an independent supporters organisation, an award winning fanzine or simply a Grandmother getting over excited and straying onto the pitch during that epic game against Bristol Rovers.  What's more galling is that he chooses to use the matchday programme as the vehicle for the majority of his verbal exocets aimed at his own fans and support bodies.  I wouldn't be surprised if the real reason that the away fans have been moved into the west stand is so he can lead the obligatory chorus of "We all hate Leeds scum"?

  Leeds United is still hugely well respected club not just in England but also around the footballing world.  I met a business associate from Italy last week and the discussion soon turned to Football as he was a big Juventus fan.  He enquired who I supported.  "Leeds United" I proudly replied.  "Ahh Leeds United a great team. When was it you were cheated against in the European Cup Final against Bayern Munich? You had a great team then"  Amazing how events  some 36 years ago are still remembered not just in the hearts of mighty whites fans.  The point of this rant is that when crowds are starting to dwindle, the fans still sing "Bates out" chants even when we are roasting the opposition as happened last Friday, fans refuse to spend any money other than on tickets at ER and the chairman uses his programme notes to slag off his own fans it's amazing that despite all that the team has suddenly blossomed into real contenders for a top six slot.  The sad fact is that until the boil is lanced and Capt Birdseye sails off to pastures new or more likely the great football boardroom in the sky then there will always be an undercurrent of discontent at LS11 diverting attention from what happens on the pitch.

So roll on Tuesday night and back to matters on the pitch.  Can we get a third clean sheet on the spin?  Will the superb Ross Mac continue his sparkling form? Will the lurid tabloid headlines regarding Lord Larry's penchant for playing away impact the preparation for the game? Will Andy Lonergan's finger be better?  Will I get a mention in Ken's programme notes after this piece?  Time will tell and as ever.................

Can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Myself and Mrs HipPriest went to Germany the other year and got talking to the locals who couldn't believe that any english wanted to go to Germany.

Anyhow I digress, they asked where we were from, and like your experience, the minute I said Leeds, they talked none stop about Leeds United.

We're not famous any more ?


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