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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Rotherham away JPT

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And it all started so well........ driving down the M18 looking into a fantastic autumn sunset all was well with the world. I got there early enough for a quick pint before the match,  albeit in a pub full of Rotherham fans, and then caught up with Monkey Hanger and his gang for a pre match chat.  Into the ground and the first view of the distant pitch which for us supporters of advancing years and declining eyesight was not the best to say the least! A good turn out by the Leeds fans and they soon turn their attention to a ginormous Rotherham fan gesticulating from the adjacent stand......Jamie... Jamie Oliver...Jamie.. Jamie Oliver they taunt him in a topical reference to the celebrity chef's attempts to get the town of Rotherham eating healthily.  The good natured banter continues as the match starts and Leeds have the better of the first 10 minutes rattling their bar a couple of times.  However the mood soon changed when Rotherham went in front with their first attack of the night.  An innocuous throw into the box is helped on into the net by an unchallenged header.  This is only the starter for ten though as the night went on our defending got worse, especially anything launched into our box.  We seemed incapable of  winning any header at the back all night.  Although we clawed our way back into the game with a goal from Howson, I think well it was three mile away from my seat!, they were soon back in front after Lucas saved a dubious penalty only to be beaten by the rebound giving them a 2.1 lead at half time.  
A sense of Deja vu hung over the whites fans at HT and when they got an easy 3rd goal soon after the break our fate was sealed much as we huffed and puffed for the rest of the match.  We got a flicker of hope when big Enoch scored to bring us back to 4.2 and we even brought out the best of their goalie in the closing 10 minutes but it wasn't to be.
I trudged back to the car well cheesed off and thankfully got a good get way from the ground eventually getting home quicker than an ER night match?????  On the way back I rang Radio Leeds and gave Andy Ritchie and Adam Pope the benefit of my thoughts on the shocking defending (I know I sound a bit like Alan Hansen but....) and also on Beckford's tendency to play wide left rather than on Becchio's shoulder.
So the door closes on this route to Wembley, hopefully the only other trip there this year is for the Carling Cup.
Bring on Brighton on Saturday.

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