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Friday, 10 October 2008

Brighton & Hove Albion home: Preview

Track of the day.

Well a disappointing week just got worse today as I found out I hadn't got the new job I was chasing in Leeds.  Although I got down to the final two from zillions of applicants it wasn't to be................the feedback was interesting though  "It was a very difficult decision as we couldn't get a cigarette paper between you and the successful guy" I was informed.  Mmmmmm.... this got me thinking.......maybe Macca could use that analogy on the training ground with his defence?  After Wednesday's woeful performance I surmise it would go something like this:
Macca to Rui/Lubo/Capt Chaos/Aidy White:  "When you're supposed to be marking a man I want to see no more than a cigarette paper between you and him for the whole match, not the f****** double decker bus we allowed on Wednesday"  The guys up front will also be under scrutiny from the ever demanding fans in the Kop after goals have dried up relative to the start of the season in the latest run of games. 
Brighton arrive at ER tomorrow with a worryingly unbeaten away record this season, but all records are there to be broken and hopefully Wednesday's wake up call will act as a catalyst for a resounding win.  Again selection will be interesting as Telfer's return will bolster the defence but it's anyones guess who will play alongside him.  Macca needs to pick an attacking line up as I expect Brighton will follow other team's leads and sit 10 behind the ball at ER just as even Peterboro did for long spells last Saturday. 
It's also international weekend and straight after we've beaten Brighton our collection of overpaid money grabbing prima donnas take on the might of 131st in the world Kazakhstan, fully supported by Borat, in the latest vital World Cup qualifier.  Sad thing is we should win by at least 6 goals but anything more than a 2.0 win will be viewed as successful means to an end in qualifying for SA.
The Quiet One returns tomorrow after a couple of weeks on the sidelines suitably adorned in his new blue and black away kit.........not sure I should be wearing mine though as we've lost the two matches since I got mine.
Finally even in a bad week there are snippets of news that bring a smile to my old face..............with financial Armageddon occurring around the world and countries like Iceland apparently going bankrupt one of the big stories in the UK press was focused on the "scandal" that all Starbuck's coffee shops leave their taps running all day!!!!!

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