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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Hereford Utd v Leeds Utd Jan 3rd 2009

So the freezing temperatures in deepest Hereford ensured that today's match was called off...........thankfully early enough for our epic journey to be cut short at Leeds and catch the next train back to Selby.  Disappointing in this day and age that Hereford couldn't put some sort of protection on the pitch given that the frosty weather was well forcasted.........................but that's life and hopefully I will be able to get to the re-arranged game that will almost certainly now be a midweek one!  Wonderful.
The Happy Chocker, the Quiet One and I are strangely more deflated than when we've lost?  Funny old game isn't it.  Now where's the decorating brushes?

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will said...

not very good. we were sponsoring the ball.
supa leeds

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