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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Leeds Utd v Carlisle Utd preview

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The silence has been deafening this week from I know Larry had quite rightly stated that he doesn't conduct transfer deals in the press but I don't think I'm alone in wondering why no new signings have appeared this week given the impression that key players had been lined up before the deadline.  
So whoever they have in their sights to strengthen the Leeds squad it's now unlikely they will appear before the visit of our sheep loving friends from Cumbria on Saturday.  Some good news this week though with the return of Bradley Johnson to the fold after his loan spell at struggling Brighton, hopefully to add some spice and goals to the midfield after his free scoring exploits on the south coast.
It's been a strange week though as the country returned to work after the festive break.  I don't know about you but I always find the first week back after Xmas slightly depressing as the bleak cold weather of mid winter coupled with the dark mornings and afternoons combine to test even the most cheery and optimistic souls.  It's made even worse for me as the slow down in my work before Xmas has come to a grinding halt in the post holiday recession hit UK necessitating a full blown attack on the numerous recruitment sites in order to find suitable paid work to keep me out of I'm reprising Yosser Hughes' famous catch phrase "Gissa job" to anyone that will listen but with factories, shops and businesses closing down with the same regularity as the stewards at ER ask you to "kindly take your seats please" the future doesn't look good.
Back to the match and I think I've worked out why our fortunes on the pitch have taken an upward it's nothing to do with sacking Gary Mac, Larry's tactics or the return of it's my new reversible Leeds hat that Santa brought me on Xmas day.  Since I started wearing it white side up at half time on Boxing Day our fortunes have looked good and I can exclusively reveal that is the true reason for our little unbeaten run.............needless to say it will be on display for the Carlisle match therefore victory is assured for the mighty whites!
As last year January was a season defining month where a disastrous run saw us drop out of the promotion picture, we need to reverse that trend this year to force our way back into the reckoning.  Although there are still 23 games left to play it will take a super human effort or a spectacular fall from grace from Leicester or MK Dons, for us to claw our way back into the automatic places so I am resigned to targeting the lottery of the play off places again as our route back to the championship.............oh joy! 
So roll on Saturday and another chance to see Larry's  revitalised whites take a positive step forward in their mid season long as I have my hat on!

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