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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Leeds United V Southend United Jan 27th 2009 Preview

I've got to admit that despite all the continuing financial doom and gloom in the news I've had an extra spring in my step since Saturday.  I'm sure that's been the case with the majority of Leeds fans across the globe as that wonderful tonic called confidence surged back into their veins after the weekends impressive win against genuine promotion contenders Peterborough.  Not only did we win but we managed to get under the skin of a certain Mr Ferguson who had clearly searched his Father's back catalogue of excuses before his post match interview...........better still was the return of our quicksilver shooting star who is Jermaine Beckford showing any doubters in ER, and there are some, just how valuable he is to the team as he grabbed 2 goals within minutes of replacing Becchio thus shattering Posh's hearts and leaving the Fenland wife beater feeling unrealisticly aggrieved.
So the net result of all the weekends efforts is that expectations are sky high amongst whites fans with seemingly the only question now being can we secure an automatic promotion spot or will we have to make do with the play offs?  Strange that only a couple of weeks ago we were even dismissing the play off places as a step too far for our team with the unfortunate habit of leaking goals everytime the referee said corner!  So although I will be marching into ER tonight fully expecting Leeds to gain suitable revenge for our defeat at Roots Hall and maintain our New Year will be with a certain air of caution having seen enough false dawns over the last few years to last a life time.
Larry will have some interesting selection decisions to make tonight regarding who he starts up front with the clever money on a Trundle & Beckford starting duo striking fear into the Shrimpers hearts.  Transfer activity is set to spring into life over the final days of the window..........I suspect the likes of Jesus, Kilkenny and Sweeney will be packing their bags and moving on whilst we wait with eager anticipation for the latest of Larry's recruits to appear. 
Of course the big question tonight will be where to park, with Chris and Welly again accompanying the Happy Chocker and I in the car, the inevitable battle between on street parking on the dubious streets of Holbeck pitched against the safer but more expensive confines of the ER car park will be once again played out as we dash down the M62.

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