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Thursday, 21 May 2009

One week on.................

It's only a week.  It seems like a life time since the final whistle went on our season and the mighty whites valiant effort to reach the Play Off final disappeared into the West Yorkshire night.  I can't help thinking that if JB had scored the penalty.....................if we'd just held Millwall on their one and only attack................if only we hadn't lost to teams such as Hereford, Northampton or Colchester......but in the end there were too many ifs and we are resigned to another year in Division 3 with the likes of Brentford & Exeter City.  Terrific!
So whilst Millwall & Scunny fans are eagerly awaiting Sunday's showdown at Wembley we are already planning for the "Dusty Bin" cup at Kit Kat Crescent in July.  What was Kevin's catchphrase in Kevin & Perry?  Yes that's it......"It's not fair"
People who don't watch Football can't comprehend the impact winning and losing has on the ordinary fans personality after a run of the mill match never mind a Play Off semi.  Grown men are driven to tears, others brood and sulk (that's me) whilst some drown their sorrows and then sulk.  Work colleagues, family and friends are all too aware of the result just by the demeanour of the fan in their midst without the aid of Sky Sports centre or Final score.  The present Mrs Marching on Together works with another Football widow (Big Steve's better half) and apparently they enjoyed an amusing  session on Friday comparing notes on how we both took the defeat.  Now I couldn't possibly break a confidence as to how Steve took it, suffice to say I was considering playing "Dry your eyes mate" as the post match track, but whatever they said they kept the staff room awash with giggles during morning break!
I noted with interest the spat between Beckford's agent and Shaun Harvey.  Hopefully it is all a pre cursor to Jermaine signing an extension to his contract that still has a year to run.  It still puzzles me why he has so many detractors amongst Leeds fans when he has just scooped the golden boot for the top scorer in the division.  I think a strike partnership of Double Becks next year will be too strong for most teams and with Larry looking at signing Sammy on a permanent deal things could be looking up.  But I suspect there are a lot of twists and turns in the transfer market to come over the summer............not all of them to our liking.
Finally a big Happy Birthday to the Happy Chocker for tomorrow.


Mixermac said...

Thank you for all the great articles throughout the season. I share in the disappointment of this season, but come the month of august and the optimism that it will inevitably bring, i hope that you will be able to provide all us leeds fans with the best resource on the net.From a Leeds fan who lives in the west of ireland, take a well deserved break for the summer.

Marching on Together said...

Thanks for the comments and god willing I will be able to do the same next season, starting at York in July. It's pleasing that something that started as a bit of a hobby is now read by lot's of Leeds fans across the world and especially in Ireland where we have a massive fan base.
PS I keep thinking I should be somewhere else today?

Ben said...

heya i watched the scunny and millwall final 2day when i was working (work in a sports bar) and it made me sick to the stomach to think that rite now we should be there cheering on the Mighty Whites, Singing Marching on Together and giving a 20 minute showing of WACCOE but it wasent to be.
it is a week and a few days to the day we lost in the semis and i still cant get the memory of that moment we scored, 12 years of following Leeds United season ticket for 11 (curruntly 20 years old,) and i never felt so much pride in supporting my team, to witness passion and soul like that, Grown men hugging complete strangers.
My friend we will be there again, as will the support you can count on it, i will continue reading your blogs, starting with York at Kit Kat Cresent.
Marching on together always and forever.

Marching on Together said...

Nice comments. We will be back and with Larry at the helm next season I think we will take all before us and avoid the lottery of the play offs.
Roll on York City.
Thanks for supporting the blog.

Peter said...

Still gutted MOT but, after almost 40 years following the Whites, the pain is a little less than it used to be (but not much!!!).

The current Mrs Peter smiles benignly these days and doesn't even bother asking me about results, think she knows.

Congrats to Scunny but you have to question a system that promotes one team which finished 11 points behind the third placed team. I'm sure MK Dons fans feel just as devastated.

Have a well deserved summer mate!!

Marching on Together said...

Cheers Peter you too.

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