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Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Heat is on............

Britons are at their best when complaining about the weather so this weeks tropical heatwave has fired the usual comments such as "it's too hot for me" .....................funny that the same people who complain about the heat have already booked their annual fortnight in the Med where they will be fighting off the Germans to secure the best sunbeds in order to cram in as much time as possible exposing their milky white bodies to the golden globe! Whilst the scorching weather is fine if you have an ice cold beer in your hand and are relaxing with friends it's a different thing if you are trying to earn an honest crust in the searing I must admit to a wry smile when yesterday's hottest day of the year coincided with the first day of pre season training at Thorpe Arch for the mighty whites.

Surprisingly Jermaine Beckford is still a Leeds player although the rumoured arrival of Warren Feeney from Cardiff would suggest that situation may soon change. Now you may well be saying Warren who? but let me tell you we had to fight off stiff competition from Grimsby Town to secure his signature. Who says we're not a big club anymore? I must admit Mr Feeney hadn't registered on my radar of late so I thought I would check in with the Happy Chocker for his view...............after a few expletives mixed with words such as Donkey, can't hit a barn door, waste of space I gathered he wasn't a big fan. So for the record he was on loan at Dundee Utd last season where he scored 6 times in 25 appearances. Add that to the fact that he was best man at Harry Kewell's wedding I think he's got an uphill task in winning over the demanding Leeds' fans...........that's if he does actually sign on!

I ordered my tickets for the pre season games with York and Blackburn this week but with football funds running low I've resisted venturing to the Emerald isle to see the Irish tour despite the fact that you could get a return from Leeds/Bradford for £2!

As virtually every news bulletin has carried a piece about the late departed Michael Jackson I couldn't go without mentioning the self styled King of Pop. Clearly he was one of the greats of the modem music era and his album Thriller is possibly one of the greatest albums of all time, as Cloughie would say "It's in the top one" but...................and for me it's a big but..................If any normal Joe Public admitted to sleeping with young boys and claiming there is nothing wrong with it he would be rightly vilified and ostracized by the vast majority of the general public. So why is the white gloved one any different?

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