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Sunday, 18 October 2009

At last there's a match to go to.........

Norwich are our visitors on Monday night and they arrive at ER on the back of a run of good form so hopefully they won't need the help of their famous "12th woman"

I think we will be safe though as I can't see Capt Birdseye being anything other than frugal with the pre match Vino!
So tomorrow night will be a dash straight from work, not forgetting to Sky + Corrie, to meet up with the Happy Chocker and hopefully see Leeds take full advantage of the first of the two games in hand they have over the Addicks. With a tough trip to the New Den on Saturday looming this game is not one to suddenly get a dose of stage fright in front of the Sky cameras. I think 4 points out of the 2 games will do nicely to keep us leading the way in Div 3.
Now I wonder how Uncle Ken will greet his opposing Chairperson? "The kitchens that way" or "How much water do want in your wine tonight Delia?" I'm sure he'll be full of tact and diplomacy..............not.
I feel a real thriller is on the cards tomorrow, 3:2 to Leeds.
Can't wait


Unknown said...

Heyup MOT,
Qatar White here, just to inform you that the mighty whites are on the box out here tonight live on Aljazeera broadcast, just hope there is one stinking rich rag head watching who spots the potential and buys Capt Birdseye out and put the 25k plus faithfull out of there misery.
Leeds 2-0 tonight

Andrew Butterwick said...

Hope your right about the raghead, fantastic finish to the match though!

Unknown said...

Watched the match and Norwich were the best team, but its goals that count. I do feel that we need a iron man in midfield, someone like in the Vinney Jones mold.
Bradley Johnson shall be the player of the year on this form, but i still think he would make a good Terry Cooper if not better.
Grayson must go out and strengthen the GK position if not we could be in big trouble.
Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable trip to London

Andrew Butterwick said...

Midfield is looking a bit thin on quality in the centre. They were over run last night but usually they hold their own in the battling stakes. Hoolahan had a good game and I believe he's on Larry's wanted list for January.
As for Casper............his nickname is Dracula......frightened of crosses!
Thx for the comments.

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