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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Weekend thoughts

There's one thing for sure and that is I've definitely had better weeks than this week. First the gearbox on my VW Golf decided to implode leaving me with a bill for £1300. Now you'd think that a car that had done just over 60000 miles and was less than 3 years old wouldn't be prone to such inconvenient and expensive blips and if they were they would be covered by the manufacturers warranty? Nope........not a chance despite the reason for the implosion being a collapsed bearing in the gearbox the dealership is "sorry but there's nothing we can do" Mmmmm!
Then we were hit with the sad news that Mrs MOT's Nana had died, albeit after a good innings, so I was looking for some good news as the weekend approached. So I was not entirely surprised to find that the deal to buy the Thorp Arch training ground had fallen through. This is the world class facility that is crucial to the ongoing development and improvement of Leeds United. This is the world class facility that is crucial to the offering for the world cup bid in 2018. This is the world class facility that will be used for the Olympics in 2012. So why have we failed to secure the purchase of it before the midnight deadline on Thursday. Capt Birdseye will no doubt blame Leeds Council for not going through with their commitment to fund the deal? The council pulled the deal because certain conditions on the loan weren't met. Knowing Uncle Ken the conditions that couldn't be met would be a minor detail like actually paying back the loan! The net result is that Leeds will continue to pay the rent of £486k and the facility will be put up for sale at a price of £11m. Now I'm not an economist but the chance to buy a World Class facility at half price, £5.8m with a payback of 10 years on an asset that immediately doubles in value seems like a rather good deal to me? Uncle Ken infers that Leeds haven't got the cash and that's why they needed the council's help. Forgive me but did we not sell Mr Delph for £6m over the summer? Where does the revenue from the massive gates that we attract go? Frankly it doesn't add up and the significant army of "Bates Out" fans will be sharpening their knives with good reason. Are we in for a winter of discontent at Elland Road despite Larry's fantastic efforts with the team on the pitch? I think the answer to that is a definite yes.
On a brighter note the pulling power of the famous old club was in evidence again this week as we have apparently captured the signature of Sam Vokes on loan from Wolves despite offers from clubs much higher up the league pyramid. If this goes through he will no undoubtedly be in line for a starting place on Monday in front of Tres, Enoch and Grella. If that is the case then Mr Kandol will be very disappointed after his recent showings.
Another blank Saturday for us in front of the clash with the resurgent Canaries in front of the Sky cameras on Monday evening. At least it will give the back room boys a bit more time to get some of the knocks and injuries treated ready for Leeds to protect the only unbeaten league record left in the country. You never know if the Puppy Dogs of Uddersfield get their act together today at Charlton we might still be top of the league with 2 games in hand when we kick off against Norwich! That would be nice and a good position to be in given that we are in the "Month of death" with regards the difficult games we have in October.
At work this week I came across a Huddersfield fan who couldn't wait to tell me that they beat us twice last year..........No they didn't did they? I thought we finished 10 points in front of you in the league and got to the play offs? Then a Codhead (Hull City) proudly announced that they were the biggest club in Yorkshire............Mmmm "you might be in the highest position in the league table at this precise moment but don't forget form is temporary and class is permanent" I reminded him. So there's another two who I won't be getting Xmas cards from!
So another dose of Saturday shopping for me whilst glued to the sky score centre on my phone is in order. Roll on Monday.

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