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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Hand pump Tetley's and the cost of Football.....

Two bits of sad news caught my eye this week. First news of the the sad death of the Macclesfield manager Keith Alexander after Tuesday's game against Notts County. Alexander always struck me as one of the good guys of football as he plied his trade both as a player and a manager in the lower echelons of our national game. His untimely death at such a young age is tragic and he will be sorely missed.

On a lighter note Carlsberg's decision to move the brewing of the famous pint of Tetleys from Leeds to some obscure brewery in the Midlands has all the hallmarks of logical sense in this economic climate. But to connoisseurs of beer a pint of hand pump Tetley's was up there with a glass of Moet Chandon as one of the all time classic drinks of this country and closing the brewery with the original water supply to move it elsewhere seems ludicrous. "It will never taste the same" will be the justifiable cry from Tetley fans.....................but since when have loyal customers had any say in their favourite product?

Speaking of which the new season ticket prices were announced this week. Not surprisingly they have risen a scandalous 15% from last years figure. Well at least our ST prices are one thing we can definitely say are on a par with any Premier league club..................................pity we are still in division 3!

So back to the reality of getting out of this league and the visit of West London's finest, Brentford, to fortress Elland Road. Paul Dickov has finally signed and goes straight into the squad for the game. Much as I believe Lord Grayson walks on water I think he may have had one too many Vino's when he decided on signing the niggly Scot. Clearly his record of 6 goals from 11 starts when Larry had him on loan at Blackpool swung the deal. Hope he repeats that for Leeds on the final run in or the unforgiving whites fans will not waste any time in advising him to "go away" in a manner that rhymes with his surname!

After the high drama of last weekend's clash with Hudderstoon I just hope that there is no hangover for Leeds as our neighbours found on their trip to St Mary's. Must admit I spent the latter part of Tuesday night chuckling away as news of the Saints slaughter of Town came in. All the talk of automatic promotion, play off games with Leeds and remaining unbeaten for the rest of the season from the Town fans at the weekend came flooding back to me. Delicious!

Brentford present an ideal chance to chalk off another win at ER and lay to rest the Pharaohs curse and the stuttering form since Xmas. Another nail biting session in the kop me thinks?
Can't wait.

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