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Friday, 21 October 2011

Dom, Don, Posh & Becc's

Think of Dominic Matteo and immediately your mind returns to an iconic night in November 2000 in the famous San Siro Stadium when his headed goal took the Mighty Whites through to the last 16 of the Champions League.  That was, as the song goes, a fucking great goal.  The reason I mention this is I had the pleasure of listening to Dom plugging his new book, In My Defence,(Buy it here) on Radio Leeds during my way home from work on Thursday night.  He gave a fascinating insight into his time at Leeds during the highs of the UCL odyssey and the lows of relegation to the Championship.  His honest and pragmatic views on the club he loves were intriguing to say the least.  He tried to persuade the rest of the team to take wage deferrals in the heat of the financial storm that engulfed Leeds only to be "embarrassed" by the negative reaction of some of his team mates who, as he put it, were on a King's ransom anyway.  He spoke of the way the club started to fall apart as the reality of mortgaging the club to the hilt on the basis of qualifying for the next UCL competition hit home.  Interestingly he spoke of the quality and organisation of the coaching on the training ground declining rapidly once O'Leary was drawn away from his coaching role.  The one thing that shines through in his dialogue is the real bond the team had with the fans and how he used to love to go round town after a game and mingle with the best fans in the world.  In my eyes he is one the good guys within the game who recognises that he was lucky enough to earn his living doing something he loves.  We could do with a few more Dom Matteo's in today's game me thinks?

This week also saw a well attended fund raising event at the Theatre of Hope for the Don Revie statue fund.  The vast majority of '72 Cup winning squad were there for a star spangled evening.  It's a bit of a sobering thought to think that it's now over 39 years since David Coleman uttered those immortal words, "he's round the back.................Clarke...........One nil!"  Anyhow back to the fund raising dinner.  Why on earth have we had to raise money to build a statue for the greatest manager Leeds Utd ever had? Surely the club should fund this without having to get the begging bowl out? It's petty decisions like this that continues to drive a wedge, no a gaping chasm, between the management of the club and their long suffering, faithful fans.  Disgraceful.

Moving onto our latest challenge in this season's campaign and our visit to The Posh of Peterborough.  The home side have been banging goals in for fun this term and continued on Tuesday with four against the Welsh Lamb Lovers.  Our brand new robust back four will face it's stiffest test so far to keep another clean sheet in the noon kick off.  Tough as it will be it is possible as long as we don't resort to the tactics employed in the last twenty minutes against Coventry, ie give the ball back to the opposition within three nano seconds of receiving it.  Becchio's performance on the short time he was on the pitch on Tuesday is a cause for increasing concern.  Whilst he has never ever looked super fit in the time he's played for Leeds he seems to have suddenly picked up the appearance a tired racehorse carrying 20lb overweight each time he comes on the pitch.  This is in stark contrast to the fleet of foot and skilful hold up play of Andy Keogh.  Is this the beginning of the end for Becc's?

So an early start on Saturday morning for another large travelling army of Leeds fanatics.  Was the Coventry result just a blip?  Will Rachubka be able to forget the howler he made on Tuesday? Will the son of Rednose be pleading for more added time by 1.50pm?  Time will tell.  One thing for sure.  It will be another great away day with the extended LUFC family.
Can't wait!

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