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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Horror show as Rachubka drops Leeds in it.

This will be short and sweet. Leeds United were swept aside with consummate ease by a very good, slick passing, quality Blackpool side.  Even before Mr Rachubka gifted them the first goal by pushing a stinging shot from Shelvey into the path of Lulu who scored with ease Leeds were chasing shadows.  So when double agent Rachubka came in from the cold and dropped yet another ball at the feet of Shelvey forcing Lees to handle the ball to stop a goal resulting in a penalty and a sending off Leeds' game was over.  The impressive numbers in the away section danced with delight despite the officious stewards trying to make everyone sit down.  We do know how to welcome customers to the Theatre of Hope don't we?  The third goal went in from another trademark fumble by Rachubka by which time the kop had turned into a lynch mob baying for his blood.

Alex Cairns replaced him at half time and for the first 10 minutes of the half there was a glimmer of hope as Leeds applied pressure to the Blackpool goal but when Lulu scored his 2nd on 65 minutes there was no way back for Leeds.  Shelvey completed his hat trick as Leeds capitulated completely in the face of the Tangerine passing machine. I can't remember the last time I left before the end but this was too much for me and I was nicely on the M62 when the final whistle went.  I know we only had ten men but this performance was embarrassing.  In reality we never had a chance once we had gifted them the first three goals but how this exposes our lack of depth in the squad.

So apologies for the briefness of this post but I am sure you get the gist of the evening.  Credit to Blackpool for the football they played but I and many other Leeds fans are rightly furious with another inept horror show similar to the 4-6 Preston show last year.  They say Love hurts...............well it certainly does if you happen to love Leeds United.  I'll be there on Sunday though as we travel in hope to Leicester but between now and then I'll be suffering from traumatic stress syndrome after this one.  Anybody has any cures please let me know!

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