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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Loans, stand up and sing for Leeds and MOT's!

The latest loan window snapped shut today but not before Alex Bruce headed out to the Galpharm to join the Tesco Bags and Paul Rachubka skulked away to Prenton Park and the pretend scousers of Tranmere Rovers.  Coming into Elland Road is Maik Taylor who will provide goal keeper cover in case Lonnergan's finger is not fully recovered before the impressive McCarthy returns to Reading on Dec 10th.  Ex Birmingham keeper Taylor is  a Northern Ireland international with 88 caps to his name so I was surprised to find out that he is actually German born in Hildesheim.  He has a German mother and an English Father but qualifies for Nord Ireland by virtue of the fact that he is a British passport holder who was born abroad and as such is entitled to choose which of the home nations he can pin his allegiances to. It's all a bit baffling to me.  Why the rules of qualification to play for international football teams are so diverse is a mystery.  Surely if you are born in Germany you are a German and therefore qualify to play for Germany not Northern Ireland?  Anyway 40 year old Herr Taylor has impressed Lord Larry enough during his two weeks training at Thorp Arch to land a spot in the Leeds squad after struggling to find a club since leaving Birmingham in the Summer.  Either that or we were just so desperate to sign any goalie he was in the right place at the right time!  At least Ethel the Tea lady won't be needed now!

Alex Bruce's departure means we've now shed two centre halves in a week after Mr O'Brien's tantrums before the Burnley match.  I can't say we'll miss either of them as we have a decent amount of cover in that so sensitive of positions and it should free up some of the wage budget for the crucial January transfer window.  You never know we might even get a pleasant surprise in the new year?  *Pig flies by and winks ironically*

Capt Birdseye's favourite Radio station, Radio Leeds, ran a piece on Wednesday investigating the clamour for standing to return to English football grounds.  The catalyst for this was the furore created by our lamb loving Cardiff friends after twenty of them walked out in protest at the outrageous way they were treated on their recent visit to the Theatre of Hope.  They had quite rightly objected to the heavy handed way the Leeds stewards had dealt with the "non offence" of persistent standing during the match.  In the studio Gareth Jones had two guests, one from the Football supporters association and one a pure "jobsworth" from the wonderfully titled Football Safety Officers Association  Mr Jobsworth assured the listeners that he fully understood the needs of the average football fan but rules were rules and it is essential that nobody stands during a game as this compromises not only the safety of the fan who is standing but those fans around him as well?  Mmmm........he then went onto to praise clubs who have got the balance between the quantity of stewards needed to "control" a crowd during a game and the need to keep everyone seated at all times.  First one up Donny Rovers.  " They have an excellent reputation within the FSOA of how to operate with minimum stewards and achieve compliance with current legislation regarding persistent standing" Mr Jobsworth proudly spouted his propaganda.  By now I was shouting at the radio...........this is the same Donny Rovers that we have visited twice this season with a total of over 6,000 fans and not one of them sat down during the games other than at half time.  And guess what.................unless I'm not mistaken there were absolutely no safety issues whatsoever.  But then again there wouldn't be because the myth that persistent standing is a safety issue is one life's greatest untruths.  I rang Radio Leeds to try and tackle Mr Jobsworth and get him to answer this question.  Which of the following situations at our most recent away game was the most dangerous:

1.  4000 fans in the away end standing up during the game and watching the match?
2. 13,000 home fans jumping out of their seats and dancing about when Rodriguez scored the opener?
3. 4000 away fans file out through narrow aisles and gangways at the end of the match (stood up)?

Of course Mr Jobsworth would have said the first one if I'd actually got through but that would have just shown what a knobhead he is but it does emphasise how stupid the "persistent standing rule" is.  I mean if it's dangerous to stand at a football match how can you safely enter and leave the stadium?  I've never seen a steward eject a fan for standing up and walking out at the end of the game?

Enough ranting what about Saturday and the visit of our South Yorkshire Whippets from Barnsley.  Our recent record against them is not good with the X rated showing at Oakwell last year one the all time horror shows from the mighty whites.  Their away record this time out suggests they will be happy with a point come 5pm Saturday as they have had only one away win but four draws in their eight trips on the road.  Hopefully Leeds can build on their back to back victories away from ER with a good stuffing of Barnsley at the Theatre of Hope.  That would set us up nicely for the run up to the Xmas festivities firmly in the play off spots.  Once again I think seat belts will be needed for this one.  A white hot Yorkshire derby to warm the cockles of your heart on a cold Saturday afternoon is in prospect, bring it on!  Guess what?
Can't wait.

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