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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Where do Leeds go from here?

After the cup capitulation at the Etihad speculation has been rife as to the future of Warnock and what's the next step in the ownership saga. Cyberspace has been alive with suggestions as to who will pick up the poisoned chalice that is the Leeds United's manager's job after Warnock departs LS11 and returns to his beloved Cornwall. Poyet and Adkins were many people's choice before that arch fascist and calm, cool and collected manager, Di Canio, departed his Swindon job in a blaze of vitriol and joined the list of possibles.

The challenge for GFH is to select a manager who will fit a more longer term strategy rather than one who's the current flavour of the month. I would rather see a manager come in with a brief to build the club based on a clear footballing philosophy that is sustainable and rather more pleasing to the eye than the current Hoofball we seem to have adopted. A mixture of strong defensive qualities mixed with a pass and move belief, underpinned with a rod of steel down the centre of the pitch would fit the bill. Once the footballing fingerprint of the club has been defined then we can select a manager to fit that profile rather than try and pick up a popular, available manager who brings his own style to the club. If we took this approach then the footballing footprint could be built from the academy upwards with all teams playing in an identical style. It's just a thought and I don't pretend to be a football expert. I'm just a fan but after witnessing year after year of directionless management at the club with no apparent master plan that has got us absolutely nowhere it's about time we tried something a bit different and with some logical thinking behind it isn't it?

Of course Warnock is still in the chair and the small matter of facing Blackpool at home is what's hopefully occupying his mind. How does he get some purpose back into a side that have given up 3 points at Boro and been thoroughly outclassed at City in the last week? Fans confidence will be as low as a centipede's stomach especially against a Blackpool team who have enjoyed lots of success against Leeds in recent matches. I know they have not had the best of seasons and currently languish 2 points below us in the table a fact that should give some hope to Leeds but I'm not sure there'll be lots of home fans rushing to put their hard earned cash on a much needed win for the mighty whites. It's certainly a difficult one to call.

So where do Leeds go from here? The play offs are out of the question unless Leeds pull off a comeback of similar proportions to the 4.3 victory at Southampton. The off the field connotations are multiple and are by no means settled. Until Leeds have some real financial stability it's difficult to see anything other than pain and frustration for followers of the once mighty Leeds United. Batten down the hatches and fasten your seatbelts sever turbulence ahead on Planet Leeds. Hopefully there will eventually be a chink of light at the end of the tunnel that will at least lay the foundations for next season?

Can't wait.


PS. Sorry no match report on the Blackpool game due to work commitments.

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