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Friday, 29 August 2008

Match preview: Bristol Rovers: Home

Friday afternoon match preview:

First of all thanks for all the interest in the blog. Not only is the blog being read all over the UK but it is getting lots of hits from all over the world, mainly from exiled Leeds fans. So thanks for the interest from New York, New Jersey, Carolina's, California, Ontario, British Columbia, Barbados, Dublin, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Vienna, Bern, Japan, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney & New Zealand

Now to tomorrows match against the free scoring Bristolians. There are 3 key questions yet to be answered

1. Will "The Quiet One" make it back from his camping holiday with his mum in Skipsea in time for the match?

2. What team will Macca pick after the heroics of the fringe players on Tuesday?

3. After going all last season without a winner will the half time crossbar challenge make it three wins out of three after Tuesday nights last ball brushing of the bar made it 2 in 2. Can Leeds afford another DAB radio?

The selection problem is a difficult one. Douglas, Delph, Telfer, Lubo and Kilkenny all did enough to justify inclusion in tomorrows starting line up but that would go against Macca's stated aim of keeping a settled side. I am sure there will be much debate on this topic on the way to the match. I do think he will stick with the 4.4.2 formation that worked so well last time out with "Our Argie" leading the line with Beckford drifting wider to find more space.

According to the press we are about to get a windfall fee for the transfer of James Milner and whilst I am sure Capt Birdsye will welcome the money it does act as a painful reminder of the fire sale of talent the club went through not so long ago. Hopefully the club is now on a sound footing but it does make you wonder when we apparently are facing another charge from the authorities over the use of an illegal agent in the sale of Anthony Elding.

Anyhow to finish on a positive note tomorrows game is 225 miles nearer than last weeks, its the second home game in a run of 4 consecutive matches at ER (which we can win all 4) and Skipsea's not that far away is it?
Match prediction: 3:1 Leeds with "Our Argie" getting the first.

the post match blog will be updated on Sunday morning


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