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Friday, 19 September 2008

Carlisle United away: Friday preview.

So another week has flown by and the weekend is almost here with the enticing trip to Cumbria to see the mighty Whites battle with Carlisle in the land of the sheep beckoning.  Away from football life seems to become stranger and stranger...............with the financial crisis causing more devastation than hurricane Ike forcing Joe Public to look for the safest refuge for their hard owned cash.  It's ironic that a number of "experts" are now advising to open accounts with Northern Rock, as they are owned by the Govt and can't go bust, just weeks after there were queues of people at NR branches wanting to recover their money from the beleaguered building society...farcical but then again which team do Northern Rock sponsor?
In football it's European week and cue the perenial moan from Sir Alex as his team stutters yet again, this time he wants to run the disciplinary appeals committee and ensure Mr Terry misses the next game.....................which just happens to be against Manure.
Anyhow enough of the money grabbing league back to real football and our tussle with Carlisle.  Last year we had 4 titanic battles with our sheep loving cousins from the far North West and I fully expect tomorrows duel to be just as entertaining.  When

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