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Friday, 5 September 2008

Crewe Alexandra home: Friday preview

It's a wet Friday afternoon in Gods county and as ever thoughts start to drift towards this weekend's match with Crewe............before that though a reflection on what's been happening this week.
The first Xmas catalogue dropped on the mat offering all sorts of useless presents to give to all those relatives and friends you've no idea what to get...... and it's only September ffs but it is sort of appropriate as the first pantomine of the season has been played out at St James Park theatre.....The King is going "Oh yes he is" Oh no he's not" but Oh yes he did in the wake of lot's of toys and dummies thrown out of the pram. I'm sure "The Poison Dwarf", yes I mean you Denis, is waiting in the wings to take advantage.
One other thing that's been high on my irritation scale is the massive coverage of the USA Election. Apart from the fact that it's been going on for what seems like an eternity and the election proper hasn't even started anyone actually that interested in the UK? I think not........although it might have some amusement factor given that on one side you have guy call Barac with a barmy army and on the other is a guy who makes oven chips supported by the lipstick wearing pit bull daughter of Michael Palin.
Back to football and if "sods law" is working tomorrow the return of Anthony Elding to his boyhood favourite team is guaranteed to net him at least one goal especially against our not very well oiled defence. One thing I hope we don't get tomorrow is an early goal........we seem to have coasted a bit when we have done so this season.....but let's not go back to winning the match with the last kick of the match as we did last year, somewhere in the middle will do nicely.
Finally thanks for the continued interest in the blog....I've added some musical links this week to keep you amused. Any suggestions for other content is always welcome.

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