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Monday, 17 November 2008

Northampton Town v Leeds United, FA Cup 1st Rd Replay Nov 17th 2008

After reflecting on the gut wrenching reverse against Huddersfield I have come to the following conclusion.  Logic is not a word that is recognised in the Football dictionary, especially if you have the Elland Road version.  How can a team who play with so much confidence when they're in possession then turn into a disorganised rabble resembling a headless chicken convention when they lose the ball?  How can a team that in their last match outplayed a Championship team then lose to a team that had just lost to a League 2 team, in doing so conceding 3 goals in the last 11 minutes? I just hope Macca has been brainstorming a suitable solution to these dilemmas in time for tonight's match, and probably more importantly our run of league matches up to Xmas.  For me we need to inject some pace into our back four and some better defensive midfield play out wide.  The pace could be provided by Aidy White and possibly Rui but a more permanent solution will need to be found in the January transfer window.  As for the wide midfield we seem to be caught between a rock and a hard playing Snoddy & Robbo there we have a potent attacking weapon but the compromise is that leaves gaps, especially Robbos side, when opponents attack.  This wouldn't be so bad if we were converting a good % of the chances we create but we're not.
As you can probably detect I have a case of Monday morning blues, not sure if it's the forthcoming 6 hour round trip to Northampton or the hangover from Saturday that's the cause, but I'm not in the most optomistic mood for the re-run with The Cobblers.  The response from a lot of Leeds fans on the various message boards and phone ins to Saturday's defeat has been almost suicidal...................reading & listening to it you would think we were in the relegation zone not the promotion mix...........realistically Huddersfield did what Leeds did a lot of last year, that is snatched an undeserved winner right at the death.  In fact it's strange how there is a symmetry to last year and this.  Last year we set off like a house on fire with a long unbeaten run playing ugly but we're playing good aesthetic Football but not picking up as many points?
Anyhow I've just spent a frustrating 90 minutes trying to book the next phase of away games on the Leeds website........................unfortunately it's a bit like trying to get some sense out of a drunk when you're stone cold eventually get there but feel like strangling them by the end of it and all they can do is smile!
I'll sign off here and hopefully when I return I will be planning our trip to mighty Histon!

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